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July 30
Latin brides
Kate Bush

The cult singer was born in 1958 in Erith, Kent, England. Kate began
playing piano at a young age, and by her mid-teens had composed
over 200 songs. Her talent caught the notice of David Gilmour (Pink
Floyd) who assisted in arranging her contract with EMI. The first song
she released, "Wuthering Heights", soared to #1 in England in 1979.
Since then Kate has achieved a notable career as a singer and musician.
Kate began producing her own albums and videos early on. Her growing
interest in film was highly evident in the 1985 video for her song "Cloud-
busting" which starred Donald Sutherland, which is a mini-film in itself.
Another 1985 video, "Hounds of Love", is a tribute to Hitchcock. Following
the release of her 1993 album "The Red Shoes", influenced by filmmaker
Michael Powell, Kate produced the short film The Line, the Cross & the Curve
(1993), using five songs from the album as a basis for the film in a mysterious,
mythical retelling of the tale of The Red Shoes. Ranked #78 for FHM's 100 Sex-
iest Women (1995). Ranked #46 on VH1's 100 Greatest Women of Rock N Roll
(1999). Teamed with Brian Eno to design Christmas cards for the charity

Birthday's today:
Vivica A. Fox, Lisa Kudrow, Laurence Fishburne, Rat Scabies (Damned),
Paul Anka, Jean Reno, Joyce Jones, Hillary Swank, Delta Burke, Fifina Hale, Buddy Guy,
Edd "Kookie" Burnes, Bud Selig, David Sanborn, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Teresa Cahill,
Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond (Jethro Tull), Phil Fearon, Monique Gabrielle, Cara Jackson,
Margo Sappin gton, Andre Provost, William Atherton, Richard Burgi

Q of THE WEEK: TIMING and DECISIONS continues on JULY 31
More great answers. Look for them on Monday.

July 29
Rachel Miner
The soap actress turned TV and film star was born in New York City in
1980. From Guiding Light to upcoming films like "Penny Dreadful", "Hide",
,and "The Black Dahlia" (all either filming, completed or in post production.)
Married Macaulay Culkin in 1998 and they divoirced in 2000. Ended up on the
cutting room floor of the 1992 sci-fi movie +Freejack (1992) (which starred
Emilio Estevez, Rene Russo, and Anthony Hopkins).
Is a vegetarian, dating
back at least as far as her days on "The Guiding Light". Though her credit for
Woody Allen's Alice reads "Alice at 12 years", she was only 9 when the movie
was filmed. As a child actress in NYC, Rachel studied with noted children's acting
coach Karen Leigh Anthony.

Birthday's today:
Geddy Lee (Rush), Stephen Dorf, Lana Kinnear, John Sykes (Thin Lizzy),
Martina McBride, Alexandra Paul, "Country" Jem Finer (Pogues), Michael Biehn, Roz Kelly,
David Warner, Wil Wheaton, Patti Scialfa, Lisa Peluso, Neal Doughty (REO Speedwagon),
"Professor" Irwin Corey, Scott Steiner, Dean Pitchford, Leslie Easterbrook, Gary Busey,
Michelle Angelo, Wayna Morris (Boyz II Men), Peter Jennings, Elizabeth Dole

July 28
Elizabeth Berkley
The star of 1995's "Showgirls" and widely known Television actress was
born in Farmington Hills, Michigan in 1972. The tall 5' 10" beauty has diff-
erent color eyes: right eye is half green and half brown and left eye is green.
When Elizabeth was 5, her parents enrolled her at Detroit Dance Company.
Loving dance, young Elizabeth began to take part in several ballets, including
"Swan Lake" and, in 1983, she starred in some musicals (sometimes singing
in Italian). Her screen debut was a role in the TV movie Frog (1987) (TV). She
then got work as an extra in some TV series: "TV 101" (1988), "Day by Day"
(1988), etc. In the summer of 1989, she was in L.A. and auditioned for a role
on "Saved by the Bell" (1989). She got the role and became a TV star. Is a
Her husband, Greg Lauren, is a successful and professional nude
painter. Elizabeth and Greg met each other in a dance class in 2000.

Birthday's today:
Lori Loughlin, Rachel Sweet, Monique van de Ven, Sally Struthers,
Linda Kelsey, Phil Proctor, Brenda Shultz, Simon Kirke (Bad Company), Peter Wylie,
David Huff (Giant), Steven Peregrine Took (T-Rex), Andy Frazer, Rick Wright (Pink Floyd),
Dick Ebersol, Steve Morse, Jonathan Edwards, Scott Bloom, George Cummings (Dr. Hook),
Mike Bloomfield, Marilyn Quayle, Ken Margolis (Mink DeVille), Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Q of THE WEEK: Timing and Decisions (see Monday)

Marie (aka ~'Reezie'~) Atlanta Georgia

MARIE SAYS: My daughter and I lived in S. Carolina and had no
family at all there. We were miserable and wanted so bad to move
to Georgia to be with my brother and his family.

Well I had an awesome job with a company of 4 years and there was
no way I could financially afford to quit and move. One day Amber was
in a horrible car wreck and broke her back which took lots of surgury
and time to heal.

I ended up losing my house because I couldn't keep up with all the bills.
So I just quit my job sold all I could and moved to Georgia.

Since then my world has changed so much. Amber has made a full
recovery and brought into the family my sweet grandson 2-years old now.

I met the man of my dreams and we are all so happy and I have my family
with me. To think I was so afraid of change that I allowed myself to be so
unhappy for years.

It is so interesting how one's life path can change by one
decision Marie.

Paula Cardiff United Kingdom

PAULA: Hi Jonathan, Well actually it was a decision I made in 3 stages:

Stage 1. I didn't press the 'Delete' button.

Stage 2. I replied and said 'Yes'.

Stage 3. I gave him my hotmail address.

My life has changed forever.

Love Paula x

JONATHAN: Great story Paula.

Jenny United Kingdom

JENNY SAYS: Leaving my 15 year relationship...worked out
very well...wished I had done it sooner!

JONATHAN: Good for you Jenny.

July 27
Tracy Shaw
The one time star of "Coronation Street" as Maxine Heavy/Peacock,
a popular British TV show (1995-2003), Tracy was born in Belper,
Derbyshire, England in 1973. Also a singer.
She has one younger brother
named Darren. Her parents are Ann and Karl Shaw. She attended St.
Benedict's School in Derbyshire and went to the Arden School of Theatre
in Manchester in 1990 where she got a degree in theatre studies. She
released two singles "Riding High" and "Happening all over again". She set
up an eating disorder charity called "The Tracy Shaw Foundation" which
helps teenagers combat eating disorders. She married Robert Ashworth
in 2001 and they are now separated. They had a son Louis (b. March 2005).
She and boyfriend Ashley Poundall are expecting their second baby together,
due in August 2006.

Birthday's today:
Martha Madison, Yahoo Serious, Juliana Hatfield, Sasha Mitchell.
Paul "Triple H" Levesque, Carol Leifer, Greg Gagne, Barbara Ferris, Jeremy Thomas,
Maureen McGovern, Gezina E "Liesbeth" van Apeldorn, Simon Jones, Mwadi Mabika,
Peggy Fleming, Jerry Van Dyke, Pete Yorn, Janet Eiber, Bobbie Gentry, James Victor,
Shea Hillenbrand, Jason Bentley, Matt Borne, Anna Dawson, Bill Bradley, David Muse

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

Mish Portland Oregon

MISH SAYS: I would have to say suggesting to Johnny Fandango
from Sartre's Lobster, hey maybe we should do a song together,
as I was wanting to move forward and try a new direction with
my music.

One turned into five, Cheap Damage was conceived.

Add to that, my recording engineer, Marty for the SL and CD recordings
here and I, from working on this project have started working on another:
a Satyricon tribute CD (a legendary club in Portland that's since closed)

Since then, we've finished two and are now co-writing a new album. We
are getting positive response and will be releasing the first song as a single
to radio in the coming weeks as Sartre's Lobster.

So Cheers Johnny, thanks for the wild ride... LurveNballgags

Get in touch Mish to send me a copy when you are ready. I'd
like to hear what you've done.

Dana Cologne/Köln Germany

DANA: Hi Jonathan, there was one decision that changed my life
completely. It was September the 11th, 2 am at the Bigfoot Lodge
in L.A., I decided to stay.

Now I am married, living together in Germany.

Hope all is well Jonathan. Long time no speak.

JONATHAN: Hey, I know where the Bigfoot Lodge is-lol. Yes it has
been awhile Dana. But I know you are very busy working. I remember
when you got married. I am so happy for you.

Joanne Manchester England

JOANNE SAYS: My answer to your question of the week is, I decided
after being the victim, of abuse, after having my skull bashed in, having
a hemorage and 2 blood clots, seizures and, being put on different types
of medication, and after 2 years, that it's taken to get to this stage I am
the person I have always been.

It's been the partners I have chose, their insecurities. It's nearly 2 years
now, and I've been to hell and back.

The pathway I left behind, is gone forever, and my choice of who's company
I'd like to keep. Who do I like, and most of all is this good for me or not.

My dreams, my destiny. I have visions, and I'm not afraid, but is timing the
right word? Because I could say, If only I wasn't in that carpark, my timing
was wrong, but look what happened ???

Life is not if onlys, life is to hell with timing, do what's right for you, and that
is the most valueble lesson you can learn.

And I'm glad, I got my timing right, to read Jonathan's bulletin, or you would
have missed me, lol

Jojo xxxxx

Yes, Joanne, you sure sound like you've been to hell and back.
Bad choices in partners can definately alter your life. Glad you are back on
the right path.

Keren Stroud, Gloucestershire United Kingdom

KEREN SAYS: The decision was out of my hands. My husband left me
back in april last year, saying no one else involved....but there was a
girl 17-years younger than him.

Took me 12 months to get over it really.

Lost my job too as he wouldn't help out and collect them (kids) from
I'm now fighting back.

Lost 10kg in gym in 8-weeks
and really happy with life at the moment.

I got 2 beautiful children.

Yes, I'm out of work at the moment, but I've spent the past year getting
to know my kids as I always worked before.

Life couldn't be better.

JONATHAN: You've had it tough Keren. But you have overcome,and by the
way it sounds, yes, your life is better. Good for you!

July 26
Kate Beckinsale
Kate was born in 1973 in England, and has resided in London for most
of her life. Her mother is Judy Loe, who has appeared in a number of
British dramas and sitcoms, and continues to work as an actress,
predominantly in British television productions. Her father was Richard
Beckinsale, born in Nottingham, England, UK. He starred in a number of
popular British television comedies during the 1970s, most notably the
television series "Rising Damp" (1974), "Porridge" (1973) and also"The
Lovers" (1970). He passed away tragically early in 1979 at the age of 32.

Selected by Hello Magazine as England's Number #1 Beauty (2002). Was
ranked #63 in Stuff magazine's "102 Sexiest Women In The World" (2002).
Has played a vampire (Underworld (2003 and 2006)) and a vampire hunter
in Van Helsing (2004). Named #23 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2005
list. Ranked as #71 in FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005" special
supplement (2005). Met husband Len Wiseman when he directed her in
Underworld (2003).

Birthday's today:
Sandra Bullock, Terri Nunn (Berlin), Mick Jaggar, Susan George,
Jeremy Piven, Gary Cherone (Extreme), Roger Taylor (Queen), Laura Leighton,
Bobby Hebb, Joe Smith, Andy Connel (Swingout Sister), Kevin Spacey, Dobie Gray,
Lawrence Watt-Evans, Darlene Love, Helen Mirren, Dorothy Hamill, Linda Harrison

Q of THE WEEK: Timing and Decisions.

Jodi (aka *jOdi*sTaR*) Seattle Washington

JODI SAYS: What decision? Deciding to follow my heart and just
go for it with my boyfriend. (from Ohio to Seattle)

Not from Ohio to Seattle though...go for it as far as to get into a
serious relationship with a musician...go for it :)

Cuz he is on tour all the time :-( boo.

But we talk on the phone constantly :)

I'm doing great ~jodi :) how are u?

Jonathan: I think that's teriffic Jodi. Me, I'm doing fine, thank you. :-)

MariskA United Kingdom

MARISKA SAYS: I guess the passing of my mum was the most
painful and life changing phase.

I promised her I'd do a lot of things in my life differently, and so
far I have.


I'm sure MariskA, that the things you are doing have
been quite positive.

Micky Rage (aka Aldo Rox) San Francisco

MICKY SAYS: From Remix to Rebirth:

I'm just a musician. I didn't like my music, the industry, my life,
myself. For this I remained on the fringe of the musical community.

Last year I entered a small competition to remix a song. I was asked
to open an account on Myspace and post the song were it would be

That lasted about a week, I quickly ditched the track, upload some original
songs. Following up on a tip, I e-mailed Jonathan L to have a listen. He
requested a CD, gave me a shot and played it on his show.

The positive response was overwelming. I love what I do again, I love music
and I love helping other musicians. It was a priceless gesture that opened
many doors, too many to mention. For this I will be forever grateful.

Thank You Jonathan L

Micky__Aldo Rox.

Well (blushing), Micky I thank you for the above. I am trying to
be humble when I say...your music was an instant hit with me. I almost did
not run this, but then I thought about all the other musicians that might read
your post and understand that getting the attention of someone like me has to
be natural and not forced. You would not believe some of the outlandish, once
in awhile rude, and many times arrogant e-mails I recieve. I am only one set
of ears, but in your case...I think you are a creative soul with passion about
writing your songs and then conveying them to recording in a masterful way.

July 25
One of the world's top models for years was born in 1955 in
Mogadishu, Somalia. she is also an actress and married to the
legend David Bowie. Gave birth to her first child together with
Bowie, a girl named Alexandria Zahra (15 August 2000). Is a
U.S. citizen. Has her own action figure modeled after her char-
acter 'Martia' from the movie Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered
Country (1991). Zuleka, her daughter with Spencer Haywood,
from her first marriage, attended Mercy High School in Farm-
ington Hills, Michigan and Michigan State University.
Was ranked
#29 in Channel 5's "World's greatest supermodel".

Birthday's today:
Rita Marley, Illeana Douglas, Mark Clarke (Uriah Heep), Brad Renfro,
Jim McCarty (Yardbirds), Steve Goodman, Peggy Fleming, Vanessa (Conny Witteman),
Donna Theodore, Ken Greer (Red Rider), Jay R. Ferguson Jr., Janet Margolin, Jon Barry,
Lynn Frederick, "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin, Walter Payton, Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth),
Tracy Murray, Nate Thurmond, Katherine Kelly Brown, Billy Wagner, Ray Billingsley

Q of THE WEEK: see yesterday

PimpZtress Rah DJ Fairfax Virginia

PIMPZTRESS SAYS: OOOooo having my first child changed
me in so many incredible ways -- almost everyone of them

I was not a nice person before he came along...selfish, using,
no patience...he taught me that I could love, that I had some-
thing to give, that there were things worth living and even
dieing for.

Yup. My first child. I wouldn't change motherhood for anything
in the world!


JONATHAN: A child will always change life.

Rosie (aka GlamTrashkitten) New York

ROSIE SAYS: The decision I made recently is actually taking a
chance with a guy I was meant to be kept away from by a jealous

Oddly me and this fellow fit each other perfectly and I could not
love him more. He's helped me in many ways and done things for
me to make things better in my life that no one else has bothered
to do and he continues to want to do so.

I'll be living with him soon. This was a choice I took a chance on
and six months later it's beyond LOVE and words.

I could not be anymore happier or maybe I can be? He always seems
to make me want him more everyday, just when I think it's impossible
to go any further it does. I'm in love!


That's awesome Rosie. It's good to hear a happy story.

Laura Lynn (aka Just A Girl In TN) Murfreesboro Tennessee

LAURA LYNN SAYS: Hmmm...well I decided a year and half ago
to finally walk out on a cheating/abusive husband.

That changed my life, for the better except that I am very lonely.

Laura Lynn, I'm sorry you are lonely, and I don't
know how you are, but (non-sexist remark), judging by your
looks, you won't be for very long. ;-)

July 24
Jennifer Lopez
The latino queen of pop and now film was born in 1969 in the Castle
Hill section of the Bronx. Her father, David, was a computer technician.
Her mother, Guadalupe, taught kindergarten. Jennifer is the middle of
three daughters. Her elder sister, Leslie, is a housewife who sings opera.
Her younger sister, Lynda, is a DJ on New York's WKTU, a VH1 VJ., and a
morning news show correspondent on New York's Channel 11. Her parents
are from Puerto Rico. Dated musician 'Sean 'P. Diddy Combs' (1999-2001).
She was one of the "Fly Girls" dancers on the TV comedy series "In Living
Color" (1990). Rumored to have her body insured for $1 billion, and had her
rear protected with a $300 million policy (December 1999). Chosen by
"People" magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World (1997).
Voted #1 in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women list (2001). Is the highest paid Latina(o)
actress to date for her performance in The Wedding Planner (2001). She was
paid $1 million for her role in Selena (1997).
Is the only woman to have been
voted the sexiest woman in the world twice in FHM. Secretly married singer
Marc Anthony on June 5th 2004; all the guests were invited to a "afternoon
party", and they were never told that they were going to a wedding. They
are still married. Named #31 in FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005"
special supplement. Owns a house in Miami.

Birthday's today:
Barry Bonds, Gus Van Sant, Pam Tillis, Baroness Blatch, Mick Karn,
Jim Armstrong (Them), Lynda Carter, Robert Hays, Bob Lilly, Paul Geary (Extreme),
Pat Oliphant, Peter Yates, Karl Malone, Kadeem Hardison, Jon Faddis, Steve Grogan,
Gloria Pizzichini, Mara Wilson, Anna Paquin, Rick Fox, Michael Coveney, Sam Behrens


What decision did you make in your life, that
changed it to the path you are now on?

Be it good, or not so good?

Sarah (aka Whatever happened to baby Sar?) Wirral United Kingdom

SARAH SAYS: Leaving my ex husband deffo had a massive impact
on me.

I went from having an Edwardian townhouse, full time job...to living
in a box room with 3 sons at my mums.

Was really traumatic.

But after 5 months, I found a home. Started getting it together. Found a
part time job. Found a new man...(after 7 years!!)

And I'm definately really happy now!!!!

I think going through that made me the person I am today!

That's quite a triumph Sarah. Very happy for you.

July 22-23 Will be on road.

July 21
Charlotte Gainsbourg
French film star Charlotte Lucy Gainsbourg was born in London, England
in 1971. Mother is Jane Birkin. Father is Serge Gainsbourg.
At the school,
the other pupils were not always friendly, because she was the daughter
of Serge Gainsbourg.
She is the half-sister of Kate Barry, whose father is
composer John Barry.
At the age of 13, she recorded a duet with her father,
Serge Gainsbourg, called "Lemon Incest", which featured on Serge's 1984
album "Love on the beat". The song raised a lot of controversy. Director
Alejandro González Iñárritu engaged her in his movie "21 Grams" because
he was fan of Serge Gainsbourg. But he said that he then "fell in love" with
The words spoken at the beginning of Madonna's 'What it feels like for a
girl' (2001) is actually a line that Charlotte said in The Cement Garden (1993).
Member of jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 2001. Filming The Golden Door
(2006) in Argentina.

Birthday's today:
Ali Landry, Damian Marley, Robin Williams, Kim Fowley, Gary Trudeau,
Edward Herrmann, Janet Reno, Jon Lovitz, Shinjiro Otani, Sarah Basini, Sara Callaway,
C.C. Sabathia, Art Hindle, Cat Stevens, Tacho "Taco" Ocheriski, Jim Martin (Faith No More),
Leigh Lawwson, Patricia Elliot, Slick Watts, Tony Scott, Doug Collins, Matt Mulhern,
Lance Guest, Diana Dennis, Susan Swift, Don Knotts (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: Tongue Piercing, comes to an end.

Today is the guys point of view.

Mullet Mike Phoenix Arizona

MIKE SAYS: I don't have my tongue pierced although I thought
about it for awhile.

For about a year, everything I did involving my tongue I asked
myself how it would be affected if my tongue was pierced.

The final conclusion is that there are way too many things I like to
do with my tongue and any objects pierced thru it would probably
get in the way or provide an obstacle I'd rather not deal with during
certain activities!

Elias Hollywood California

ELIAS SAYS: People get there tongue pierced because
they are VERY bored!!!! :)

Chuck Phoenix Arizona
(from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

CHUCK SAYS: Reffering 2 Q of the week, I just don't understand
the piercing thing (but didn't understand the ear thing when I waz

Now hairline's goin' closer 2 neck but, hey I still have same holes.

Joe Tempe Arizona
(from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

JOE SAYS: I don't have a tounge piercing and the reason why,
other than the fact that they are dayglow, I would mess with
it constantly.

It just would not feel right.

Rick Phoenix Arizona

RICK SAYS: Well, I had my tounge pierced, for sexual reasons mostly.
When I enlisted, I had to remove it and it closed :(.

I haven't had it repierced, and most likely will not, due to the fact that
I have become quite the pro with my tounge sans tounge ring. So ladies
in the valley, if you want to find out what it should feel like, hit me up
at myspace.

JONATHAN: A suggestion Rick. With a line like that at the end, you
might want to consider putting up a better photo so they can really see
what you look like. You can put up to 12 photo's. You have only one.
The one above. Question? Do you really think any woman that reads
that will contact you? If someone does...I'd like to know.

July 20
Sandra Oh
Finally Sandra is getting the attention she deserves. Starring in one
of the biggest TV hits "Grey's Anantomy", Sandra was born to Korean
in the Ottawa suburb of Nepean, Ontario, Canada in 1971. She
began her career as a ballet dancer and eventually studied drama at the
National Theatre School in Montreal. Then starred in a London (Ontario)
stage production of David Mamet's "Oleanna" and appeared as the title
character in the Canadian television production The Diary of Evelyn Lau
(1993) (TV), beating out over 1,000 applicants. Her list of awards includes
the FIPA d'Or for Best Actress at the 1994 Festival International de Pro-
grammes Audiovisuels at Cannes, France, two Genie Awards (the Canadian
Oscar), a Cable Ace Award, a Theatre World Award and a Screen Actors Guild
Award. In 2003, she married writer-director Alexander Payne and their first
film together was the Oscar-winning Sideways (2004).
At the 2005 SAG awards,
Sandra Oh presented the Actor for actress in a TV comedy - Teri Hatcher won
the award. A year later at the 2006 Golden Globes, Hatcher presented the award
for best supporting actress on TV - Oh won that award and later said it was good
to see her again! Many of will always remember her from the HBO series "Arli$$".

Birthday's today:
Judy Greer, John Lodge (Moody Blues), Donna Dixon, Carlos Santana,
Chris Cornell (Soundgarden), Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam), Bengie Molina, Kim Carnes,
Diana Rigg, Tony Oliva, Jay Jay French (Twisted Sister), Judy Chicago, Tracey McCall,
Kool G. Rap, Sleepy LaBeef, TG Sheppard, Michael Anthony (Van Halen), Katie Rabbet,
Michael McNeill (Simple Minds), Paul Cook (Sex Pistols), Natalie Wood (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

Paula Cardiff United Kingdom

PAULA SAYS: Hi Jonathan. No, I haven't had my tongue pierced
and I won't be having it done either. Why you asked:

a. It can look like you have something wierd stuck on your tongue.
b. I am not into pain and it looks painful to have done and ew, what
if my tongue swells up afterwards.

c. Finally, what if I get it caught somewhere sensitive while licking
a partner unless he is into pain. ha ha ha.

That's enough reason for one question don't you think?

Paula xx

Tiny DJ Radio Personality Virginia

TINY SAYS: If there really are sexual benefits, I would guess
it's only for boys getting fellatio, and thus, I don't give a damn.
Sorry boys.

I will stick to nose and ears, thanks.

Shawn Rock Radio Personality Manhattan Kansas

SHAWN SAYS: Tongue piercing, where do I start?

I never considered it for myself....for many reasons...but one being
that I always thought it looked...well...stupid.

I had a friend who got his tongue pierced....ok...he was my ex-husband
...and I couldn't stand it. He was always clicking it against his teeth, and
when he first had it pierced he had the worst speech impediment ever.

Did I mention he was 35 years old at the time? This only increased my
desire to permanantly eliminate him out of my life.

Maybe it was just the dissolving of the relationship or maybe it was the
tongue piercing....either way....there was nothing exciting sexually about
that big barbell protruding out of his slab of useless muscle in that mouth
of his.

Well, nothing against anyone out there who is actually 'cool' and has their
tongue pierced. I mean, to each his own. I just know that this is the year
2006 and I believe the tongue piercing fad has finally been...well...in the
famous words of Brian Johnson, "SHOT DOWN IN FLAMES".

Shawn Rock...over and out.

July 19
Michelle Heaton
Pop Star from Liberty X, Michelle Christine Heaton was born
in 1980 in Newcastle, Tyne & Wear, England. She has appeared
all over British television such as "Smile", "Celebrity Wrestling",
"Ministry of Mayhem", "Madonna Mania", "This Morning", "Bo'
Selecta!", "Tops Of The Pops", and numerous others, mostly
as herself. Engaged to Andy Scott-Lee.

Birthday's today:
Patricia Ja Lee, Vikki Carr, Nikki Sudden, George Hamilton, Erica Hill,
Angela Griffin, Anthony Edwards, Preston Wilson, Alessandra de Rossi, Vinessa Shaw,
Keith Godchaux (Grateful Dead), Brian May (Queen), Lisa Lampanelli, Katherine Hawkes,
Dennis Cole, Becky Boxer, Great Yatsu, Alexandra Curtis, Ilie Nastase, Campbell Scott,
Christian Bergstrom, Lauren & Candice Mead, Nancy Walls, Alan Collins (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

Q of THE WEEK: Tongue Piercing rocks on

Marie (aka ~`Reezie`~) Atlanta Georgia

MARIE SAYS: Hi Jonathan. Tongue piercing has been the main
topic in our house this past month. My daughter had her tongue
pierced 4 years ago and if she did experience any pleasure with
it, that is history because she is paying a Dental surgeon over
$1000.00 dollars for skin grafts.

The tongue ring over the past four years slowly ate away her
bottom gums of her lower teeth and she has over twenty stitches
in her mouth right now.

So needless to say she regrets having it pierced now and she is
planning to get a tattoo to make up for the loss! Personaly I am
very pleased with just having my belly button pierced and though
I have heard the tongue ring is stimulating, I have had no problems
experiencing stimulation without one!

Lots of hugs,

Wow Marie, that could be a wake-up call for some in the future.
As a matter of fact, all the answers today are very against tongue piercing,
except one. Quite interesting.

Nicole United Kingdom

NICOLE SAYS: That is the one part of my body I would NEVER
have pierced.

Well that and my wrists!

The main reason I wouldn't would be that it would irritate the hell
out of me, like having something stuck in your teeth!

Well, I can't comment too much cos I haven't experienced it.

Sandie Somerset United Kingdom

SANDIE SAYS: Getting my tongue pierced? Whooooooo nooo!

It's bad enough going to a dentist and having to sit with my mouth
open and the fact I couldn't bare the thought of getting a needle
through me tongue.

Think i'll stick to tattoos. lol

Sandie x

Carrie Enschede, Overijssel Netherlands

CARRIE SAYS: I don't have one, as I think they look absolutely

The only piercing I would ever consider would be the eye brow,
as it's mildly cute. But being a diabetic, no way in hell would I
get any piercing.

Also with a tongue piercing, wouldn't it raise the risk of disease
transfer through oral sex? I mean it's a hole!


Jeannie Fresno California

(*grinning from ear to ear*)

Good question. Here's your answer.

Oh Yes! Twice at the same time. (*smirk*)

Why? Fascination/sexual/fade? I don't think so. Because I can
and have.

I am the one of all the siblings who has the most piercings.

July 18
Kristen Bell
The star of "Veronica Mars" on TV was born in Detroit, Michigan in
1980. The 5' 1" tiny Kristen
graduated from New York University's
prestigious Tisch School of the Arts, where she studied musical
theater. She made her Broadway debut in 2001, originating the role
of Becky Thatcher in the short-lived "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer".
In 2002, Kristen was in the revival of Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" on
Broadway, starring Laura Linney and Liam Neeson.
After playing Mary
Lane in the "Reefer Madness" stage musical, she was asked to reprise
the role in the film version, Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical (2005).
Is a vegetarian. Is a big fan of America's Funniest Home Videos. Named
#68 on the Maxim magazine "Hot 100 of 2005" list. Named #11 on the
Maxim magazine "Hot 100 of 2006" list. Her favorite episode of "Veronica
Mars" (2004) (as of 2006) is "The Wrath of Con".

Birthday's today:
Elizabeth McGovern, Maya Lilly, Natalie Spinell-Beck, Catherine King,
Anne-Marie Johnson, Vicki Davis, Richard Branson, Bobby Sherman, Dion DiMucci,
Ben Sheets, Steve Forbes, Anfernie "Penny" Hardaway, Valerie Cruz, Joe Torre, Al Snow,
James Brolin, Tim Webber, Jack Irons (Eleven), Ricky Scaggs, Calvin Peete, Brian Auger,
Lonnie Mack, Martha Reeves, Rebecca Santos, Molly Culver, Hunter S. Thompson (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: Tongue piercing continues

Keren Gloucestershire United Kingdom

KEREN SAYS: lol- Were you struggling with a question this week??

I have my tongue pierced. In fact I have 14 piercings! I've had my
tongue pierced for bout 3yrs now I think...and I just went and had it
done cos I felt like it.

I just made up my mind, and went and had it done. I had 3 in each ear
and wanted sumat else.

I think with me it's the pain as well, as I have a few tattoos. Perhaps I
need to get checked out!!

But it is good for men apparently...hehehe...and I have a boyfriend with
a pierced tongue and his is very good too! They are great for kissing with
too. And fun to play with when ur bored!!

Makes me laugh all the people that don't have one
saying that it makes you talk funny and gets in the way.

I don't talk differently. Hasn't affected that. Nor the eating. lol

PS: Last weeks Q:
Thought of another film that would be good to
remake, cos even in it's day it looked false.
The Day Of The Triffids!!!!!

Now that would be awesome as a remake.

That might be interesting. Wasn't a big fan of the original Keren.
As far as the Q, nope...not struggling, just thought it was a good Q. ;-)

Loretta San Diego California

LORETTA SAYS: I wanted a piercing that wasn't as visible as my
nose and tragus.

It's fun to just open my mouth quickly and fascinate little kids
(I like to tell them I said a bad word so I had to put this in my tongue).

I took out the tongue ring and let it close years ago. In March, I re-pierced it.
It hurt like hell because of the scar tissue.

It does enhance the sexual experience, but that's just an added bonus. I got
it done for looks.

The things that suck are not being able to suck the food out of my teeth or
blow bubbles while chewing gum, and I hate kissing with it in.

Thanks Jonathan!! xoxoxoxo

JONATHAN: Loretta, that's interesting about the "kissing with it in".

Celia Reading United Kingdom

CELIA SAYS: Erm..haha NO no way do I want to have a piercing

TUT just a bit old-fashioned I am. A7X tattoo would be cool though


NiKorieUs B.I.G. (c) Wildomar California

NIKORIEUS SAYS: I have one Jonathan L., and I needed a change to
myself that I could hide whenever I wanted, but it was big enough that
I knew I had it.

My own secret.

July 17
Natasha Hamilton
The former pop singer of Atomic Sex Kitten, and current star of " Just
The Two Of Us" was born in Kensington, Liverpool, England in 1982.
was announced that via the official Atomic Kitten website on Friday 30th
2004 that they were taking a break after their forthcoming tour "Feels So
Good." Tash feels that she needs to be a full-time mother to her son Josh
as due to the demands of being in Britain's most popular girl band she hasn't
had enough consistent time with him. The door has been left open for the
band to reform later.
Son Harry Hatcher born on 31st December, 2004. The
father is fiancé Gavin Hatcher.
Became re-engaged to Fran Cosgrave in
September 2005 who gave her a brand new £15,000 ring. The 5' 5" beauty
was born Natasha Maria Hamilton. Will the band reform? Who knows.

Birthday's today:
Camilla Parker-Bowles, Lou Barlow, Mandy Smith, Phyllis Diller,
Lucie Arnez, Spencer Davis, Diahann Carroll, P.J. Soles, Susan Ashton, Robin Shou,
Fenneken Fockema Andreae, Brian Glascock (Motels), Nancy Giles, Denise Miller,
David Hasselhoff, Donny Marshall, Gale Garnett, Connie Francis, Connie Hawkins,
Donald Sutherland, Nicolette Larson, Molly Parker, Phoebe Snow, Pat McCormick,
Chet McCracken (Doobie Brothers), Heather Langenkamp, Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath)

Q of THE WEEK continues: “Stick Out Your Tongue”

What is the facination with getting your Tongue pierced?

If you have, what is it? Sexual, just looks? Please explain.

If you don’t have one, why not? If you are thinking of doing it, why?

~Cyndi~ Bristol Connecticut

CYNDI SAYS: Ahhhh Jonathan, SweeeT man. You always get
people thinkin'.

No, not a tongue peircing for me.
But I'll have to say it must definitely
be a sexual thing for most.
But I would never get one. Not saying it's bad,
besides talking funny for a while, kinda 'ewe' for me.

I like to 'tune in' on people's voices.
Besides, my tongue does not need
any help,
male or female ...I don't miss a drop :0

Maybe I'll even use an ice cube ;)

That's one special tongue Cyn. ;-)

Space Worcestershire United Kingdom
(from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

SPACE SAYS: I don't have one. It has never interested me to
get one! Why not? TOO OLD! (Piercings in general...are for the

Skin piercings...beware...don't look so great on SAGGING AGEING

Personally, I think...they're a bit SAD on anyone over 35...and
over 40. A tongue piercing would remind me of some WANNA-BE-



Hope this reply doesn't upset your 'Over 35 pierced up Chucky GOLD
WRIST CHAIN WEARING colleagues!' ;0

Ha ha ha! Oooooooooooooh well!!.......HEY HO!

LOL. Very funny response Space. :-)))

Rose (aka Sexy 41) San Bernardino California
(from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

ROSE SAYS: Yes, I have one for about 6 years now. Just a group
of friends one night, we went out and they wanted a group deal
and got me to get one.

I swear the trouble those girls and guys get me into.

I love to wear jewlery so I have a different stud for it, and my
belly too.

I'm glad they did not go for group deal on a tattoo. We were pretty
wasted. Hee hee- lol

Muah...Jonathan, have a great week

Ahh, friends.

Suzi Laguna Niguel California

SUZI SAYS: I think it's definitely not for me.

I have no idea why anyone would voluntarily poke a hole in their tongue.

If I bite my tongue, tears well up in my eyes, and I don't move my mouth,
even to talk. Doing that voluntarily would be to me, like shutting my own
hand in the car door, just because I could..!!???

Suzi, it definitely is not for everyone. I've thought about
it, and then, I think nahhh. Tattoo's are enough for me.

Jem. Coventry United Kingdom

I don't have mine done, but my boyfriend had his done
twice, and it is definitely sexual.

Yes, I'm thinking of getting mine done, just so I can please him a
little bit more than I already do.

Well, alrighty then. Boyfriend wins! -lol

July 16
Phoebe Cates
Whatever Happened to the cute actress of the 80's and 90's? The
5'7" Phoebe Belle Katz was born New York City. Cates attended
Professional Children's School in New York City and made her motion
picture debut as Jennifer Jason Leigh's "experienced" confidante in
Amy Heckerling's acclaimed Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982).
Cates then landed the role of Christine Ramsey in Private School (1983),
then co-starred in the innovativeGremlins (1984) for Steven Spielberg's
Amblin Entertainment directed by Joe Dante. The punk band "Fenix TX"
wrote a song about her entitled "Phoebe Cates". Before turning to acting,
she worked as a teen model in the pages of "Seventeen", etc. Since her
'retirement' from films, she and her movie star husband, Kevin Kline, divide
time between their country estate in upstate New York and their luxury
penthouse in Manhattan's tony upper east side. She gave birth to their 3rd
child Autumn Belle Kline on December 1, 2005. So now you know.

Birthday's today:
Jenna Lewis, Rain Pryor, Corey Feldman, Mickey Rourke, Misako Uno,
Mindy Carlson, Sherri Stoner, Stewart Copeland, Tony Jackson (Searchers), Nina Petri,
Lorraine Chase, Cyndy Garvey, Ray Major (British Lions), Ruben Blades, Alicia Knight,
Barry Sanders, Michelle Morgan, Tom Boggs (Box Tops), Alan Fitzgerald (Night Ranger),
Camille Saviola, Will Ferrell, Anne Francis, Philece Sampler, Kelly Wagner

July 15
Lana Parrilla
One of the stars of the Television series "24" (Sara Gavin), was born
in 1977 in Brooklyn, New York.
Her ethnic background is Puerto Rican
and Italian. Her father was the Late Sam Parrilla, professional baseball
player on the Philadelphia Phillies in 1970, the only year he played as a
pro. Niece of actress Candice Azzara. Has had roles on "Six Feet Under",
NYPD Blue", "Jag", and Spin City", among many more.

Birthday's today:
Jill Halfpenny, Kitana Baker, Marky Ramone, Bridhette Neilson,
Forest Whitaker, Kim Alexis, Nina Van pallandt, Linda Ronstadt, Lolita Davidoviich,
Kristoff St. John, Gene Upshaw, Trevor Horn (Buggles), Milliew Jackson, Irene Jacob,
Jesse "The Body" Ventura, Jan-Michael Vincent, Joe Satriani, David Pack (Ambrosia),
Willie Aames, Johnny Thunders (New York Dolls R.I.P.), Ian Curtis (Joy Division R.I.P.)

July 14
Tanya Donelly
The singer was born in 1966 in Newport, Rhode Island. At age 16
she and stepsister Kristen Hersh formed Throwing Muses. The year?
1985. After minimal success, Tanya went on to The Breeders. And,
then before beginnining her current solo career, formed Belly. She
married friend Juliana Hatfield's bassist Dean Fisher, with whom she
has a daughter. Gave birth to Harriet Pearl Fisher 31st March 2006.
She weighed 8 pounds 13 oz.

Birthday's today:
Bebe Buell (Liv Tyler's mother), Jackie Earle Hayley, Tommy Matola,
Gwen Guthrie, Robin Ventura, Victoria Ingrid Alecea Desiree, Lina Maria Luna, Stan Shaw,
Ray Herndon, Stephanie Moore, Jane Lynch, Eric Heiden, Caroline Lesley, Jeff Jarrett,
Steve Stone, Silvana Vienne, Maureen O'Boyle, Lynn Loring, Joey Styles, Martina Hill

Q of THE WEEK: rocks on

Sarah (aka of the monkey basket) Wirral United Kingdom

SARAH SAYS: I got my tongue pierced years before it suddenly
became the thing to do. I'm so used to it being there, when I take
it out my tongue feels weird!!!

I got it done purely to show off!! As I was a youngster then.

It still feels ace to stick your tongue out when people ask you to show
them your piercing!! I'm such a big kid!

Angel United Kingdom

ANGEL SAYS: Hi. Had my tongue pierced in 1993 and took it
out 2000.

Got it done for both reasons, sexual and cool, took it out because
for a moment of madness removed all my piercings at that time,
let them all heal up and started with a fresh canvas so to speak.

Jezebel Nottingham England

JEZEBEL SAYS: I don't have my tongue pieced (nose, ears and
navel - yes!) cos I am a bit of an obsessive when it comes to
picking scabs and stuff and I know that I would get into the very
daft habit of clicking it against the back of my teeth and would
end up having to have new teeth...seriously!

Oh, alright, I just can't be arsed (UKspeak for bothered).

Billie (aka ·!·PuNkPisToL·!·) Auckland New Zealand

BILLIE SAYS: Hey Jonathan! Lookie it's me...and I'm actually gunna
respond to your Q of the week. Yup yup, you know why?
Cause I have TIME :)

So here goes.

Personal opinion; the tongue is one of the ugliest parts of the body, coming
a close second to feet.

I've seen some pretty munted feet, but in saying that i've seen some really
ugly tongues too.

I don't mind my tongue because it's mine, and for the sake of vanity I would
consider getting it pierced were it not for my pain threshold of ZERO.

I would consider getting it done, if I were shot with a tranquilizer dart. I'd just
as soon get my nipple done, which looks alot less painful.

Other than being sexy, it adorns the tongue great and makes it look alot
more inviting.

Would I actually get one? SURE!
Tranquilzer dart anyone?!

Take care Jonathan

x's and o's

Great to hear from you Billie. Been awhile.

Q of THE WEEK resumes on Monday July 17. I have many more, and
if you haven't done so-you have time to send your answer.

July 13
Ashley Scott
Born in Metairie, Louisiana in 1979, and raised in Charleston, South
Carolina, the tall 5' 9" Ashely McCall Scott started out as a child model.
By the time she was a teenager, she had moved to New York and was
modeling internationally, in fashion shows in Miami, Paris and London.
Then she decided to try out acting. At her first audition, she worked with
Al Pacino. She didn't get the role but kept on auditioning. She had a starring
role in the WB's "Birds of Prey" (2002). She resides in Los Angeles with her
two pet Australian tree frogs, Azul and Chunk. She enjoys horseback riding,
cooking and hanging out with her friends. Starred with Jessica Alba in "Dark
Angel" for one season, and starred with Jessica again a few years later in the
movie "Into the Blue". Named #46 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2005 list.

Birthday's today:
Harrison Ford, Emma Louise Tinniswood, Cameron Crowe, Didi Conn,
Cheech Marin, Sean Waltman, Robert Forster, Patrick Stewart, Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim),
Lawrence Donegon, Nancy Sorrell, Sean Waltman, Mark Mendoza (Twisted Sister), Erno Rubik,
Giancarlo Giannini, Harrison Ford, Roger McGuinn (Byrds), Jean-Pierre E Plooij, Jack Kemp,
Louise Mandrell (Mandrell Sisters), Anders Jarryd, Vanessa Guy, Natsuhi Ueno, Romy J. Park,
Jamie Walter, Daphne Maxwell Reid, Danitra Vance, Violetta Kolakowski, Deborah Cox

Q of THE WEEK continues: It's a TONGUE THING

Alicia Tucson Arizona
(from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

ALICIA SAYS: Hi Jonathan. Well, I've always liked looking like noone
else, doing things I thought noone else was doing. And, I'd wanted it
done since I was a teen. So, I told myself in 8 years if I still want it,
get it. I did when I was 21. And, it held true, very few people had one.

Now it seems everyone has one. Why, I do not know. I speculate it's
now 'trendy', the 'in' thing for people to do. Some people do it for fellatio
and sexual excitement, whatnot.

I will say my sweetheart has no complaints about it ;)

I have a complaint about it though, spaghetti is still a pain to eat.

Cheers, Alicia :)

Spaghetti? Alicia, I am trying to figure that one out. ;-)

»--»MariskA»--» United Kingdom

MARISKA SAYS: I do not have my tongue pierced...because i simply
feel it would hinder speech/eating and maybe kissing..hahaha!

But I do have my belly button and nose done and my ears have been
pierced three times, and I also have tattoos.

mmmmmm..thanx J...X

Thank you Mariska. A girl after my own heart...tattoo's. I
love tatoo's.

PIL Copenhagen Denmark

PIL SAYS: Hi Jonathan!!!! :)
So, you picked one of my favorite hate-issues.

I can truly say that I absolutely HATE piercings of all kinds, but
ESPECIALLY the ones people have in their tongues. I doesn't get
much more disgusting. I have jewelryfobia, so sticking a hole in
yourself and putting it INSIDE your body just makes it all so much
more nauseating.

It's ugly, it sounds stupid when you talk, and it's just plain repulsive.
I can't even make a joke about it. Actually, I think I have to go and
sacrifice my dinner now, just thinking about it. YUK!!!!!!

Pale greetings from a sickened Pil.

That's my girl. Tell it like it is! No beating around the bush
with you on any subject. I like that. :-)

July 12
Michelle Rodriguez
If you are a fan of the hit TV series "Lost" than you know this face.
The 5' 6" woman is known for tough-chick roles. Rodriguez is proof
that there is a cross between beauty and brawn. She was born in Bexar
County, Texas in 1978. Raised in Texas, Puerto Rico, in the Dominican
Republic, and in Jersey City. Michelle beat out 350 other girls for the role
of Diana Guzman in Girlfight (2000). Didn't have a driver's license before
filming The Fast and the Furious (2001) and she had to obtain one during
her training for the car chase sequences. Plays the piano.
Ranked #34
in Maxim's "100 Sexiest Women"(2002). Ranked #77 in Stuff magazine's
"102 Sexiest Women In The World" (2002).
She was the original choice
for the title role in Æon Flux (2005).
When interviewed to join the cast of
"Lost" as tough LAPD cop, she insisted that she would only sign on for one
year because she is a "nomadic spirit". The producers came up with a story
line and sold the idea of the short contract to the network. So, who knows
where and when Michelle will pop up next?

Birthday's today:
Rolonda Watts, Eric Carr (Kiss), Travis Best, Liz Mitchell (Boney M),
Kristi Yakaguchi, Jay Thomas, Brock Lesnar, Bill Cosby, Rebecca Hunter, Joanna Klum,
Robin Wilson (Gin Blossoms), Porsha Coleman, Krista Carter, Judi Evans Luciano,
Tracie Spencer, Mel Harris, Cheryl Ladd, Walter Egan, Paul Silas, Annabel Croft,
Denise Nicholas, Van Cliburn, Connie Francis, Phil Kramer (Iron Butterfly)

Q of THE WEEK: Tounge Piercing. Is it YOU?

Jean Chrétien Sweden

JEAN SAYS: My chap has it. If she likes it, fine.

But, it's not the greatest looking piece of jewelery at all.

I'd definately go for a septum over a tongue any day.

And then there's my 'brother' who thinks it's sexy.

Ahaha. =|

Men. lol ;-)

Ginger Coyote (L) Singer/Actress Hollywood California

GINGER SAYS: I do not have it pierced and feel it would be in
the way when I was talking and eating.

Nico (aka T-Starvelous Is The Skinny Bitch!) New York City NY

NICO SAYS: I don't have one because I am not 14 years old, and
angsty. lol

They're so hideously tacky.

JONATHAN: Ahh, but you do have a very cool nose ring Nico :-)

Becky Amory Mississippi

BECKY SAYS: No. I think that it is bad for your looks, teeth
and speech.

I do not have anything against people who have it, I just do
not prefer it myself.

I hope that you have a wonderful and safe weekend!

JONATHAN: Becky, you also have a wonderful and safe weekend.

July 11
Kimberly "Lil Kim" Jones
Standing just 4 feet 11 inches tall Kimberly Jones seems much less than
being just your average girl in the hood, but when "Lil' Kim" was introduced
to the world she became known for her provocative over-the-top outfits,
glamorous blonde hair-dos, pornographic attitude, sexy man-crazed looks,
and a groundbreaking triumph that eventually secured her place as one of
the few female rappers in a male-dominated industry. A native of Brooklyn,
New York, Kimberly was born into a broken home. She was discovered by
Notorious B.I.G/Biggie Smalls. She is constantly being criticised by the media
because of her music, style, attitude and image. Remade the LaBelle hit "Lady
Marmalade" along with Mya, Christina Aguilera and Pink for the Moulin Rouge!
(2001) soundtrack. When "Lady Marmalade" hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in
2001, she became the first solo female rapper to claim that feat. Is good friends
with Christina Aguilera. According to Spike Lee, she turned down the role of
"Evelyn" in his film. She Hate Me (2004), because she thought it would ruin her
image. Owns over 800 wigs at 2,000 dollars each.

Birthday's today:
Suzanne Vega, Sela Ward, Peter Murphy (Bauhaus), Rachel Taylor,
Bill Boggs, Bonnie Pointer (Pointer Sisters), Adrienne Barbeau, Leon Spinks, Lisa Rinna,
Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi), Clara Perryman, Andy Ashby, Michael Rose (Black Uhuru),
Ray Dodds (Fairground Attraction), Beverly Todd, Debbe Dunning, Melanie Papalia,
Benny Defranco, Vince Williams, Bridgette Andersen (R.I.P.), Tab Hunter (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK (see yesterday)

Jo (aka*Trash Kitty*) Barnsley, South Yorkshire United Kingdom

JO SAYS: I had my tongue pierced without really thinking about it a lot.

I had it done for free because my old school friend is a body piercer. It
was not a good experience but I'm glad I've got it done.

To be honest I haven't noticed a difference sexually, it's purely for the look.

Jo :-)

JONATHAN: Jo, I think that's why I asked this Q. I wondered if it was
for looks, or had some special sexual bonus. Thanks for being honest.

Michelle (aka rockinfreakapotomus) Wisconsin

MICHELLE SAYS: Wow! can't help thinking this question is aimed
at me...lol.

Speaking for myself, all I can say is I'm a pain freak. I already have
lots of tattoos, so I thought a piercing would have to be next. Self
inflicted pain is a great reality check, it reminds you just who's in
charge of your life.

I do also firmly believe that the things I do to modify my body represent
my individuality and my belief in personal freedom.(Wild at heart)

And, just in case you were wondering, piercings are like tattoos... you either
get 1, or more than 3. I'm already thinking about what I want pierced next

JONATHAN: I agree, at least on the tattoo thing. You can't just get one. It's
addictive Michelle.

Marla (aka <gLiTtEr>) Plano Texas

MARLA SAYS: I have my belly button pierced 'cause I think it is sexy,
but I do not find the tongue ring thing sexy, or as a matter of fact I don't
see the big deal with it.

I think it looks gross, makes you talk funny and just a punk faze for some
people. Now the sex thing, I have asked people and it does nothing different
in any way. My opinion which is just 1 in a billion.

Haha, have a good week. Glitter

Gwen (aka Maiden 71) North East United Kingdom

GWEN SAYS: I got mine done years ago to challenge myself,
coz I was scared to do it.

Just a purely personal thing to face my terror. LOL

July 10
Jessica Simpson
Every young man's dream was born in Abilene, Texas in 1980. It
is rumored that she will play Lucy Ewing in the remake of "Dallas".
The singer/actress divorced Nick Lachey last month. Maybe it was
not a good idea to do a reality TV show together, huh? The 5' 31/2"
dynamo turned down a part in Coyote Ugly (2000). Performed at the
2000 American Music Awards. Her dad is a psychologist and minister
at a Baptist church in Texas, and also manages her musical career
and her official website. Likes to eat at Chuy's (a Mexican restaurant
in Dallas, Texas). Loves to shop at Abercrombie and Fitch, Guess, Bebe
and Juicy. Was picked as #1 on 'Maxim' top 100 hot list for 2004. Was
voted #1 for VH1's Top Ten best bodies. Underwent LASIK eye surgery
to correct her vision (2004). Her first album was a Christian album, when
she was 14. Ranked #2 on E!'s 50 Steamiest Southern Stars. Named #9
on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2005 list. Named #16 in FHM's "100
Sexiest Women in the World 2005" special supplement (2005).

Birthday's today:
Bela Fleck, Greg Kihn, Sue Lyon, Ian Whitcomb, Rik Emmett (Triumph),
Arlo Guthrie, Neil Tennent (Pet Shop Boys), Sandy Stewart, Wally Bryson (Fotomaker),
Rob de Weerd, Andre Dawson, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Willie Ford (Dramatics), Ron Glass,
Hal McRae, Dave Smally (Raspberries), Jacky Cheung, Jerry Herman, Mills Watson,
Ronnie James Dio, David Brinkley (R.I.P.), Arthur Ashe (R.I.P.), Nick Adams (R.I.P.)

New Q of THE WEEK: “Stick Out Your Tongue”

What is the facination with getting your
Tongue pierced?

If you have, what is it? Sexual, just looks?
Please explain.

If you don’t have one, why not?
If you are thinking of doing it, why?

Tamera (aka T...swee T) Kansas City Kansas

TAMERA SAYS: Tongue piercings, eh? well, yes, as a matter of fact
I do have my tongue pierced!

Why? My now ex-husband was the one who wanted me to have it done.
And we all know why.

THEN, oh yes AND THEN, after I have it done, he says to me, "I really
can't tell any difference".

Ok, fine, whatever! There sure aren't any complaints from the new
boyfriend!!! ;)

JONATHAN: Tamera, I love your answer. Especially the last line. -lol

Morrigan United Kingdom

MORRIGAN SAYS: I have thought of getting my tongue pierced on more
than one occassion. I'm not sure if it's because I 'wimp' out that I don't get
it done. I've given birth 3 times and had a decent sized tattoo done over
boney flesh...so tongue piercing should be a breeze.

I think what stops me is:

1. I eat too much, therefore food would get stuck.
2. I am the type of person that cannot do without a tongue, so therefore would
not wish to 'damage' it in anyway

3. I am also the type of person to rip said piercing from tongue, get an infection,
\have tongue swell to gargantuan proportions and then swallow said tongue, choke
on it and die.

Tongue piercing = would love to, but just ain't got the bottle... so if I buy the RIGHT
bottle, perhaps Cuervo Gold I just might get it done.

I wonder Morrigan how much a bottle of Cuervo costs over there?
By the way, your description is great!

Jane Evil Vocalist New York

JANE SAYS: I do have my tongue pierced. I didn't do it for any sexual
reason. I thought it looked cool. I did it before it became "the thing" to do!

I think it's cool to stick out your tongue at someone and have it pierced...
it's a bit sexy...lol...but with attitude!

JONATHAN: Oh you tease Jane. -lol ;-)

July 9
Courtney Love
You either love or hate her. The singer/actress was born in San
Francisco in 1964.
The daughter of The Grateful Dead devotee
Hank Harrison and psychologist Linda Caroll, Courtney Love spent
her early years in hippie communes and at schools in Europe and
New Zealand. As a musician, she played in early incarnations of
Babes In Toyland and Faith No More, as well as acting in bit parts
for some Alex Cox films. She started her own band, Hole, and in
1992 married Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain.
After Cobain's suicide in
1994, and the release of Hole's second album "Live Through This",
Love continued to thrill her fans and enrage her detractors with her
on- and off-stage antics.
Ranked #68 on VH1's 100 Greatest Women
of Rock N Roll. Beat Angelina Jolie for the lead role in "Linda Lovelace"
in the upcoming film about the porn star of "Deep Throat". At this
point no one knows if Hole will ever do another album or perform?

Birthday's today:
Jack White (The White Stripes), Tom Hanks, Jimmy Smits, John Tesh,
Jim Kerr (Simple Minds), Mitch Mitchell (Jimi Hendrix Experience), Richard Roundtree,
Marc Almond (Soft Cell), Fred Norris, Frank Bello (Anthrax), Fred Savage, James Scott,
Lee Hazelwood, Dean Koontz, Lisa Banes, Mercedes Sosa, Brian Dennehy, Kelly McGillis,
Bon Scott (AC/DC), Vince Edwards, Ed Ames, Debbie Sledge (Sister Sledge)

Oh, and one more thought on remakes

Mary (aka ~SimplieSweeet~) Southern California
(from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

MARY SAYS: Alrighty then I've been waiting for this question =)

The swarm of remakes to borrow some one elses word for a minute...
is the lack of creative idea's in Hollywood right now.

Seriously, if you're going to remake something; then don't try to stretch
the story line out!!! Don't change the story line. There is a reason it was
a hit in the first place!!

You're not going to make it better but you are going to destroy it by adding
footage to fit in your 'oh so' spectacular special effects. =(

Also, why do you feel the need to make everything dark and depressing.
What happened to positive???

It's ok to remake a movie to update the special effects like Lucas did, but
to just take it and say, hey how much can we cram into this not cool. =(

Mary, it sure does sound like you were just waiting for
this Q-lol :-) Feel better now? :-)

July 8
Sophia Bush
The 5'61/2" actress was born Sophia Anna Bush in Los Angeles
in 1982. She is currently filming "The Hitcher" for 2007. Stars as
Brooke Davis on the TV series "One Tree Hill". The beauty also had
a recurring role as Ridley on Nip/Tuck back in 2003.
Was the Tourn-
ament of Roses Parade Queen in 2000.
Was cast as Kate Brewster
in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) and even worked on-set
for several days, but was replaced with Claire Danes when director
Jonathan Mostow deemed her "too young" to play the role. Special
Skills: Photography, horseback riding, boxing. Sophia was #3 on
Femme Fatales The 50 Sexiest Women of 2004. Named #15 on Much
Music's 20 Hottest Women of 2004. By the way, "The Hitcher" is a

Birthday's today:
Beck, Toby Keith, Billy Crudup, Janice Pennington, Kevin Bacon,
Joan Osborne, Jeffrey Tambor, Steve Lawrence, Kim Darby, Kathleen Robertson,
Angelica Huston, Jonathan Segal, Marty Feldman, Fred Young (Kentucky Headhunters),
Russell Christian (Christians), Andy Fletcher (Depeche Mode), Carlos Cavazo (Quiet Riot),
Jaimoe "Johnny" Johnson (Alman Brothers), Chuck Negron (3 Dog Night), Corey Parker,
Graham Jones (Haircut 100), Wendy Benson, Rob Burnett, Alexi Gusarov, Raffi

July 7
Vonda Shepard
The singer was born in New York City in 1963. Vonda appeared on a number
of episodes of Ally McBeal" as herself. Has three sisters: Rosetta, Luana, and
Brianna. Her mother left the family when Vonda was ten, and her father raised
the four girls by himself. Went to high school with Wallace Wolodarsky, then
known as Marc Wallace. Is married to musician/producer Mitchell Froom. They
have a son Jack who was born on April 15, 2006. Vonda still performs concerts.

Birthday's today:
Amy Carlson, Michele Kwan, Lisa Leslie, Robin Weigert, Joe Spano,
Cree Summer, Shelley Duvall, Ringo Starr (Beatles), Doc Severinsen, Joey Scarbury,
Tony Jacklyn, Ted Cassidy, Bill Campbell, Corbin Bernsen, James Redford (Kinks),
Warren Entner (Grass Roots), Clive "Doctor" Jackson (Dr. & The Medics), Jessica Hahn

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

Hestia Hogsmeade United Kingdom

HESTIA SAYS: Some things are good. I just hate when they
change the story
line from the way the story went the first.

It's sad they can't do it the same, but only better.

Debby (aka Living Dead Girl) Phoenix Arizona

DEBBY SAYS: I don't understand why people don't like remakes.
I like to see someone else's version of a classic. True I can be a
bit rough in my critique but if it's good and entertaining then it
was worth it.

If it wasn't, all I lost was a few dollars and an hour and a half of my time.

Good way to look at it Debby.

Joanne Manchester England

JOANNE SAYS: Hi Jonathan. Yes I read your right up. Pretty
interesting, but to be honest don't hate for this. I'm not really
a film watcher.

Any something really major good has got to move my emotions
to watch it.

hope you are well.
Jo x

Angelica (L) Tempe Arizona

ANGELICA SAYS: I think someone should only be allowed to do
one cover of a song in their career. Marilyn Manson for instance.

He should be shot for ruining so many good songs. The only exception
to my rule would be Johnny Cash (R.I.P.). His covers of "Mercy Seat",
"Rowboat", "Hurt" etc...fuckin awesome!
I do enjoy Gnarls Barkley's cover of "Gone Daddy Gone". Great job.

Movies are a different story. With all the new technology and just general
changes in the day and age usually make remakes of films quite better
than the original.

Oh wait who was the genius that decided to remake The Pink Panther?
Damn it, Peter Sellers is the Pink Panther!

That was a crime against humanity. =)

JONATHAN: Angelica, I cannot agree more. Steve Martin in Peter Sellers role
doesn't cut it. After watching the trailers, I refuse to watch it.

Phalkon Washington State

PHALKON SAYS: I hate remakes, especially in movies. I think it
shows a lack of creativity. Instead of making something new, it's
easier to re-hash something that has already been done.

JONATHAN: Well okay then. No give and take with you P. :-)

Mel United Kingdom
(from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

MEL SAYS: I actually enjoy most of them, particularly, Oceans Eleven.
Seems most of them are pretty well done.

July 6
Heather Nova
Heather Nova, (Heather Allson Frith), was born in 1967 in her home
country, Bermuda. She spent the vast majority of her childhood aboard a
40-foot sailboat with her mother, father, sister and brother. The only
electronic device on the vessel was a wind-powered tape player that her
father fashioned for her. On it, she listened to Neil Young, Van Morrison,
and the Velvet Underground, falling in love with music in the process. While
sailing she learned how to play the guitar and the violin. Seeking a stable,
normal life for their children, Heather's parents moved to Rhode Island when
she was 15 years old. Heather, not surprisingly, found it hard to adjust to a
social life. Enrolled at the Rhode Island School of Design, she found solace in her
creative pursuits. After college, Heather moved to New York to pursue her music.
She continued to dabble in soundtracks while also shopping demos of her singer-
songwriter material around the city. A lack of response from the music industry
led her to leave New York and try her luck in London. Heather slowly began her
career. She played in whatever coffee shops or small venues she could and tried
her best to network among record labels. She gathered steam, but still had to keep
her day job in the office of the Bermuda travel council. Finally, the guitarist known
as Youth, from the well-regarded British '80s band Killing Joke, heard her perform,
and helped her release her first four-song EP. Her brother is reggae artist Mishka.

Birthday's today:
Shelley Hack, Tia & Tamera Mowry, Michael Grant (Musical Youth),
Sylvester Stallone, Dalai Lama, Burt Ward, Lauren Fox, Vanessa Chase, Della Reese,
Ned Beatty, Pat Paulson, Brad Park, Nicolas Daniel Maricio, Willie Randolf, Fred Dryer,
Glenn Scarpelli, Janet Leigh, Nancy Reagan, George W. Bush, Merv Griffin, Bill Haley,
Petra Kleinert, Shauna Lowry, Nanci Griffith, Phyllis Hyman, Willie Randolf

Q of THE WEEK: Remakes (see Monday)

Saskia (aka Uncle Drosselmeyer™)London England

I dont like them. I prefer the originals and the classics.
Not because of the trends with old/vintage/original things thats going on

I like my music and movies when they were first made.
Like The Fly
(the original).

And, Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Just got shit with the re-makes.
people that make them again sometimes focus too hard on making it
appealing to a modern audience, and less on capturing important elements
of the originals.

People can like the modernised versions of things. But,
they are just not for me. x x x

JONATHAN: I have to say Saskia that the most recent Texas Chainsaw
maybe the scariest of all. Just my humble opinion, but I do agree
shouldn't be remade, especially films. Music I can handle easier.

Devon Storm Northern Ireland
(from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

DEVON SAYS: Yes, I'm a fan of remakes, although sometimes you just
can't beat the original. Of course though it attracts a whole new audience
as teens probably never saw the movies or band first time round.

Hope all's good with u babe xxx

All's good Devon.

Mullet Mike Phoenix Arizona

MIKE SAYS: Hey Jon!!! Personally, I love remakes. With movies,
new technology can give better special effects. New directors can
give a different view/perspective on an original idea.

Music that's been covered by other bands also give a fresh perspective
on songs and makes old songs appear new to a new generation.

I remember when Van Halen did Dancing in the Streets. I thought that
was the coolest song out only to find out later that they weren't the first
band to do the song.

Here it is years later and my daughter loves Motley Crue's version of
Anarchy in the UK which has been covered by several bands.

Remakes, whether it be movies or music, takes an old theme and for the
most part, makes them fresh and new. Sometimes you'll get a sucky version
in there, but for the most part, the versatility is pretty cool!

JONATHAN: I think your main point Mike is that remakes DO freshen up things.

July 5
Eva Green
The 5' 6" actress and spokesperson was born in Paris, France in
1980. Daughter of French actress Marlène Jobert, and father Walter
is a Swedish dentist. She has a twin sister named Joy. Nominated for
Les Molieres (Paris, 2002) for the play "Jalousie en Trois Fax" for the
category Revelation Theatrale Feminine. Is French/Swedish. Cousin
of singer/actress Elsa Lunghini. Her favorite actor is Edward Norton.
She turned down a role in Brian De Palma's The Black Dahlia (2006)
with Josh Hartnett and Scarlett Johansson. The face of the Emporio
Aramani campaign.

Birthday's today:
Edie Falco, Jean Cocteau, Huey Lewis, Roisin Murphy (Moloko),
Tim Worrell, Jeana Blackmon, Bill Watterson, Amalie Mauresmo, Marc Cohn,
Patricia Pease Jeffers, Gary Mathews Sr., Stephanie McIntosh, Isidora Minic,
Meridith Ann Pierce, "Goose" Gossage, Susannah Doyle, Mark H. Lascells,
Julie Nixon Eisenhower, Robbie Robertson (Band), Shirley Knight, Judge Joe Brown

Q of THE WEEK: Do you like or dislike remakes
of film and musi? What's your opinion?

Alex Falkirk Scotland

ALEX SAYS: I just can't get myself hung up the same way as the
original purists do about remakes.

Yes, the originals are classic, but lets face it, the modern versions
are so much more fantastic to watch on the big screen with the use
of special effects these days. Most of the youngsters will not have
been around to see the originals anyway, and because many of them
would look cheap and tacky by modern standards, they are more likely
going to go and see the remake.

Anyway, I can sum it up from watching the King Kong remake, which
had the most fantastic fight to the death between KK and the Tyranno-
saurus Rex, but the ending still had me crying my eyes out, which says
it all really.

Luv, Alex. xxx

JONATHAN: I think your point about special effects Alex is the key
to most remakes, at least action films.

Dawne Lake Mississippi

DAWNE SAYS: Hi, Jonathan. I guess I would count myself as a fan of
remakes as well.

Isn't imitation supposed to be the sincerest form of flattery? I've enjoyed
the remakes of Omen, Charlie's Angels, Dukes of Hazzard, etc... and
I'm actually looking forward to the Dallas remake. However, I did not
like the Bewitched movie (Kidman and Ferrell), although I like both actors.

It was the film itself. It didn't stay true enough to the original series, whereas
the films I named above stayed close enough to the heart and spirit of the series
that 1) I was entertained; and 2) they didn't bring me into the film expecting one
thing (a close fascimile of the series) and deliver another (something so far off
the target it should have been its own film).

I hate expecting to see one thing then get another.

Thanks, Dawne

JONATHAN: I really liked your opinion Dawne. I personally couldn't
enjoy Bewitched due to the fact that Will Ferrell annoys me in anything
that he's in.

Joe Tempe Arizona
(from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

I've never been big on re-makes, although the new
King Kong kicked ass.

Who covered The Cult? That's almost blasphemy!

Joe, you really feel that way about "She Sells Sanctuary"?
It is a band called Britt Black from Vancouver, British Columbia. I do
actually think it's cool, especially with a woman vocalist. My humble

July 4
Andrea Gabriel
The daughter of John Gabriel (Seneca Beaulac on "Ryan's Hope") and
Sandy Gabriel (Edna Thornton on "All My Children"), was born in Los
Angeles, California in 1978. Originated the role of "Teresa" in David
Rabe's play "The Dog Problem". Starred Off-Broadway with F. Murray
Abraham and Joyce Van Patten in "It's My Party... And I'll Die If I Want
To." Played the role of Nadia on 3 episodes of "Lost". Andrea has been
on quite a few shows such as "Jag", "Law & Order", and "Criminal Minds".

Birthday's today:
Marissa McMahon, Hanna Harper, Becki Newton, Geraldo Rivera,
Kirk Pengilly (INXS), Pam Shriver, Morganna Roberts, Jeremy Spencer (Fleetwood Mac),
Vinny Castilla, Neil Simon, Barry Windham, Digger Phelps, Dave Rowberry (Animals),
Harvey Grant, Gina Lollobrigida, George Steinbrenner, Bill Withers, Eva Marie Saint,
Mark Allen Slaughter (Slaughter), Al Wilson (Canned Heat), John Waite (Babies),

Q of THE WEEK: "Land Of Makeovers"
-all about remakes. (see yesterday)

Nikki (aka Myspace Addict) Fresno California

I really think it depends upon how well the remake is done.
They can be great or they can be blasphemous.

As a rule of thumb...I don't like my music re-interpreted unless it's a totally
different take on a song. I actually give more credit to a band or artist for
putting their own spin on a song from the past.

A few of my favorite covers:

"Right Place Wrong Time"- The Screamin Cheetah Wheelies
"Once In A Lifetime" - The Exies
"Walkin' The Dog" - Aerosmith
"Boom Boom" - Big Head Todd and the Monsters with John Lee Hooker
"Gloria" - Van Morrison with John Lee Hooker

As far as movies go...yeah...bring on the remakes!

However...I think the Kubrick and Hitchcock stuff should be left the hell alone.
Anyone that screws with those...should be haunted by the ghosts of those two
little creepy twin girls in the hotel and their eyes pecked out by birds while they
stand in a shower.

But then again...maybe that's just me.

JONATHAN: Nikki, as much as I would love to see updated versions
of Vertigo and The Birds, I will concede, they should be left alone.

Shawn Rock Radio Personality Manhattan Kansas

SHAWN SAYS: REMAKES! UGH! The swarm of recent remakes...both on
the big screen and on the radio is up for debate. Obviously if the remake
is done with taste and respect and let's not forget....talent added in the mix
....'everything old is new again' is pure entertainment.

The good: King Kong. This was an amazing film. The difference was the
love the director had for the original. Let's dab on music....Joan Jett covering
Sweet's "A.C.D.C"...again, she stays true to the original and shows nothing but
true love for one of the greatest garage rock n roll bands of the past! I love her
version and it should be on all rock stations as we speak!

The bad: The recent remake of old T.V. shows into big screen blockbusters!
Horrid! And now there's talk of one of the worst television shows of all time
Miami Vice being made into a movie. Stop the madness!
Was Starsky and Hutch not enough to end this?

The ugly: Rob Zombie's remake of one of horrorwood's most loved movies...
Halloween. I'm afraid! I'm very afraid! I love this movie. John Carpenter at
his best. Everything about Halloween is amazing! Please Rob...don't disappoint.
Follow in Ms. Jett's footsteps and show the utmost respect for Mr. Carpenter's

Dare I mention the remaking of Star Trek starring Matt Damon as Captain Kirk.
Die, die, die! Kill, kill, kill! Stop Hollyweird!

I'm done. Sorry to drone on. Peace, love, and rock n roll, Jon!

JONATHAN: Don't be sorry Shawn...that was very entertaining ;-)

Julie Peoria Arizona

JULIE: As far as movies, I think it is kinda fun to see a new twist on an
old idea.

I went to see the new Superman show last night and enjoyed it...but I have
been a fan of Smallville....so this wasn't a big reach for my imagination.

The other remake I saw was King Kong. I enjoyed it overall but thought they
could have told the first hour of the movie a bit faster.
My opinion, it was too long.

Music-wise, I am trying to recall a remake that I thought was better than the
original...gonna have think a bit more and get back to you.
Take it easy!

I saw Superman also, and frankly Julie, I still can not decide
if I thought it was good. It was long movie though. My back and ass were
killing me when I walked out of the theatre. Love Kong though. Jack Black
rocks and the set designs for New York in The 30's was superb.

July 3
Connie Nielsen
The Danish beauty who played 'Lucilla' in "Gladiator" was born in 1965 in
Elling, Frederikshavn, Denmark. Nielsen consistently lights up the screen
with an eclectic bevy of film roles. However, it was her portrayal of Princess
Lucilla, opposite Russell Crowe's Maximus in Ridley Scott's Academy Award-
winning Gladiator (2000), which first garnered a mass appeal. She most
recently won Best Actress Awards from the Danish Academy Awards and
from the San Sebastian Film Festival for her role in the Danish drama Brødre
(2004). Born and raised in Denmark, Nielsen began her acting career working
alongside her mother on the local revue and variety scene. At 18 she headed
to Paris to continue her pursuit of acting, which led her to further work and
study in Rome and Milan. In addition to being an accomplished actress, Nielsen
is also a trained singer, dancer and is fluent in English, German, Danish, Swedish,
French and Italian. She currently resides in New York. Favourite band is The Clash.
One of her hobbies is collecting designer sunglasses. She owns around 200 pairs.
Girlfriend of drummer Lars Ulrich from Metallica at one time.

Birthday's today:
Vince Clarke (Erasure), Alex Rodriguez, Tom Cruise, Jane Allsop,
Shoshannah Stern, Moises Alou, Thomas Gibson, Jan Smithers, Amy Van Horne,
Rebecca Stokes, Shinya Hashimoto, Stephen Percy (Ratt), Aaron Tippin, Jeff Phillips,
Kate Asabuki, Elizabeth Hendrickson, Orel Hershiser, Arno Hofstede, Montel Williams,
Keri Houlihan, Sarah Lee Jones, Paule Barrere (Little Feat), Laura Branigan (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: Land of Makeovers:

The volume of films and songs being remade is increasing.
Omen, King Kong, Superman, Batman, etc.

“She Sells Sanctuary” (Cult), “People Who Died” (Jim Carroll),
“A.C.D.C.” (The Sweet) etc., are among a new current crop
of songs. These are just examples. You can mention others.

So, how do you feel about remakes? Like them? Don’t like them?
Please describe what you like or don’t and give your reasons.

Ramona Hope British Columbia Canada

No. No. No. No. I do not like 'remakes'.
Especially a remake of the remade remake.

Although, I have to say, King Kong 1975 was a cool remake and so
was Titanic in the 90's.

Then again, if you really think about it, everything is a remake.

Movies come from plays and books that were once enjoyed many,
many years ago.

Think about it Jonathan, most of all Disney movies that had ever been
made used to be the Brother's Grimm stories.

And, how many more Shakesphere movies do we really need?

(*ponders*) Was there a remake to The Boy In The Plastic Bubble?

JONATHAN: Ramona, I like the anaolgy of the Disney movies, and
I especially love your ending question. Very funny. :-) Answer: No
And, hopefully never.

Keren Gloucestershire United Kingdom

Wow, what a very good question. I'm half 'n half
really on remakes.

I watched King Kong and found it too long a film and boring, I actually
didnt see it all way through, and didnt get to see KK.
But, having said
that, the special effects were amazing

I took my children to see Poseidon the other day. The acting wasn't that
great, but again the special effects were awesome.

I've seen the trailers for Superman, and that looks fantastic and im glad
they've done a remake, as the one's with Christopher Reeve in do look
dated now.

I would love to see a remake of Clash of the Titans, can you imagine what
they could do now with the technology available. Medusa would be really
scary and have real snakes on her head.
The skeleton soldiers would look
real along with the 2 headed dog etc.

Perhaps I should suggest that to Spielberg!!!

As for songs, well, I think it really does depend on the artist. I loved Marilyn
Mansons version of "Tainted Love" and "Sweet Dreams".
But, I don't like the
dance remakes.
If it wasn't for Robbie Williams, I wouldn't have listened to
the old crooners.

I luv'd the new version of "Stairway To Heaven" by Far Corporation (I think it was?).

And, I luv'd Travis version of "Hit Me Baby One More Time", which was just awesome.

JONATHAN: First Keren, HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow (4th)! Yes, it was the
Far Corporation.

Suzi Laguna Niguel California

Hey Jonathan L, I'm originally from AZ, nice to meet you.

To be honest, some remakes shouldn't be made...The Omen, etc.
I liked the original. There's millions more people in the world probably
as many starving screenwriters, why won't the studio heads try something
new? And leave a good thing alone; except to cut costs.

The music redeux is not so annoying, and is in some cases rather pleasant;
unless they butcher the songs.

You raise a good point Suzi, about the 'starving screenwriters'.
More originality would be more substantial. Though I do think that certain
films and music should be updated and be given new treatment, as long as
they have soul. Special effects seem to be the one thing that enhances the
look, but maybe the rest suffers (in film). Ya think?

Debra Belvidere Illinois

Hi Jonathan. My feelings on remakes are somewhat
mixed. First thing that comes to mind are movie remakes. I enjoyed
the Spiderman and Batman movies, but movies like Poseidon...well,
the outcome is obvious and those are the types of remakes I can do
without, with the exception of King Kong which I enjoyed immensely.

I like remakes when it is an updated version like You've Got Mail which
is actually a remake of a old black and white called The Shop Around The
Corner. Same story but of course updated since there wasn't email in the 40s.

As far as music is concerned, I am all for remakes when it is an updated
version or done within another genre than the original, usually the outcome
is worthy of the original. I know this isn't recent but "Landslide" by Fleetwood
Mac comes to mind, first redone by Smashing Pumpkins and then by the
Dixie Chicks. Both excellent remakes.

Well, that is just this one person's opinion and I am sure there are those who
LOVE all remakes. Have a great day and thanks for allowing me to express
my thoughts.

JONATHAN: What a great answer Debra. As a matter of fact, all the
above answers were a fantastic start for this Q. Thank you.