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October 27

Kelly Osbourne

Pictured is the thinner, more mature Kelly, as opposed to the plump-ish younger version.
The 5' 3" Kelly Michelle Lee Osbourne was born in London, England in 1984. Daughter of
Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne, but you knew that. Sister of Jack Osbourne, but
you knew that also. She has an older sister Aimee who stays out of the limelight. She was
born after an 18 hour labor. Dropped out of the 10th grade. Ex-girlfriend of Bert McCracken,
lead singer of rock band, The Used. Is a big fan of Blondie/Debbie Harry and Pat Benatar.
Dropped by her record label, Epic (2003). She loves to collect paintings of old movie stars,
in particular, Marilyn Monroe.
Along with Nicole Richie, Beyonc� Knowles, Veronica Webb,
Angie Everhart, Alexandra Richards, Irina Pantaeva, Marisa Miller, Wyclef Jean, Rachel Hun-
ter, Naomi Campbell, and Janice Dickinson, she participated in the "Fashion for Relief" show
on 16 September, 2005 in New York, a benefit for AmeriCares to support victims for Hurricane
Katrina. Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale were among the celebrities who attended.
Is friends
with singer/songwriter Michelle Branch. Played the role of Deborah Tynan on the television
series "Life As We Know It"" in 2005. She is daddy's (Ozzy) little girl.

Birthday's today:
Veronica Hart, Scott Weiland (STP), Matt Drudge, Marla Maples,
Brad Radke, John Cleese, Ruby Dee, Lee Greenwood, Fran Lebowitz, Hazell Dean,
Jayne Kennedy, Simon Le Bon (Duran Duran, Peter Firth, KK Downing (Judas Priest),
Ralph Kiner, Roberto Beningni, Emily John Orton, Garry Tallent (E-Street Band),
Byron Allred (Steve Miller Band), Tanya James, Carrie Snodgres (R.I.P.)

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*Today is all Arizona Guy's Day!

Georgie Scottsdale Arizona

GEORGIE SAYS: I moved to Arizona from Kentucky in 1996
and saw Beat Angels at The Mason Jar.

I believe they were just about the greatest live band in the world at
that moment in time and it only cost $5 to see it.

Phil (aka Justice 101) Buckeye Arizona

PHIL SAYS: My first concert ever was Jimmy Eat World, Green Day,
and Blink 182. I think they called it the Pop Disaster Tour.

I only went because my friend had an extra ticket and I had heard of
all three bands, and my friend went to high school with JEW. They
actually put on a good show.

It's a good thing Blink came out last because I hated them, and I would
have left early and never would have seen the awesome insanity that is
Green Day. That's my first and one of the most memorable.

The best I've ever experienced was Metallica and Godsmack a year or
two ago. Metallica has more than enough material, and they're always
pulling old ones out just to please the crowd.

Godsmack is absolute insanity and crowd involvement, always giving you
your money's worth with drum set duals. Awesome!

Dave Phoenix Arizona

Bauhaus- The Resurrection Tour in the late nineties
at Mesa Amphitheater.

I'll never forget that when they played "Hollow Hills", Peter Murphy
glided back and forth across the stage, touching hanging light bulbs
and turning them off and on. Chills went up my spine. The rest was
a killer show.

And, then of course, Primus -Tour de Fromage, 2003, Celebrity Theatre.

Chuck Phoenix Arizona

. 23 friends and I took a train from Bitburg.

Aside from US Fest and California Jam, that was one of the
best memories.

Scott The Barber Phoenix Arizona

SCOTT SAYS: I've seen some cool shows and met some rock stars
but the one that really stands out is talking to Robby Krieger the
guitar player for the Doors.

I talked with him about 15-minutes after a solo show at Andersons 5th
Estate about 6 or 7 years ago.

The Doors are my top band ever, and I got to meet Robby.

Mullet Mike Glendale Arizona

MIKE SAYS: The best concert performance for me was by a band
that I absolutely did not like at the time. My roommate didn't want
to go to the concert by himself and paid for my ticket, concessions
and merchandise just so he wouldn't have to go alone.

It was the best performance I had ever seen, filled with energy and
excitement. By the end of the show my adrenaline was pumping so
hard I was ready to make a drive to San Diego to party my ass off.

The band was Guns N' Roses with the Use Your Illusions Tour.

I still haven't found a performance that puts out as much energy
as G N R did then.

Joe Tempe Arizona

I have a few. Alice In Chains at the Marquee Theatre.
Jane's Addiction at the ASU Activity Center, Pearl Jam at Mesa
Amphitheatre, Nirvana
and Mudhoney at Veteran's Memorial,
Mudhoney at Club Rio, Soundgarden at the Mesa Amphitheatre,
Sublime at the Nile, Lords Of Acid at the Nile, any of the numerous
times I saw Ednaswap, The Ramones and Social D at Mesa Amp-
and Sonic Youth at Lollappalooza.

Ps: also, Elastica at Gibsons any of the times I saw Buck-O-Nine.

JONATHAN: Well Joe, I asked for "A" memory...and I guess this is
your entire
history of shows. Please read the question next time a bit
more carefully. ;-)

OK, my turn:

Unlike you Joe, I will stick to the question. One of my fondest memories
was Lemmy's (Motorhead) 50th Birthday show at the Whiskey in Los
Angeles. Metallica came out in black wigs and did a blistering 30-minute
set of Motorhead songs. That was followed by a typical but awesome set
by Motorhead.

But, by far my most memorable experience at a show was Rammstein
in Wuhlheide, East Germany in 1998. I have never been that affected by
a performance. The music, the enormous elaborate stage, the audience,
over 25,000 outdoors, the lighting, and just the fact I was there (with my
wife). What I saw in the flesh, you all can buy on DVD. "Live Au Berlin".
Most exciting show I have ever been to! - and I've seen over a thousand
musicians since the 60's.

October 26
Lisa Ryder
Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta in 1970, Lisa started performing as a child
through dance, attending the Edmonton Studio of Ballet. She never considered
acting as a career until she attended the University of Toronto. There she took
Drama as an option and was bitten by the acting bug. After graduation, she and
some friends formed Bald Ego Productions, a local Toronto theatre group. While
with Bald Ego, Lisa displayed a multitude of talents, choreographing, writing, and
co-writing many of stage shows. In the mid-nineties, Lisa began appearing on tel-
evision with guest spots on shows like Kung Fu: The Legend Continues and PsiFactor:
Chronicles of the Paranormal. Her first "big" role came in the form a straight-laced
cop, named Tracy Vetter on the sci-fi/drama show Forever Knight. Forever Knight
allowed Lisa to build a cult following on the internet that continued to grow, even
after the show was cancelled. After Forever Knight, Lisa continued acting on stage,
television, and film. She had a variety of guest spots on many science fiction shows,
but also appeared on the critically acclaimed CBC series THE NEWSROOM. In 1998
received critical acclaim herself for her portrayal of "Joey" in the film Stolen Heart
(1998). Lisa co-stars with Kevin Sorbo on the Gene Roddenberry series "Andromeda"
(2000), showing every week in syndication, around the world.

Birthday's today:
Dylan McDermott, Natalie Merchant, Holly Woodlawn, Pat Sajak,
Bob Hoskins, Jaclyn Smith, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Jeanne Zelasko,
Mike Hargrove, Ralph Bakshi, Gil Heredia, Aaron Kwok, David Was, D.W. Moffett,
Cary Elwes, Maggie Roche (Roches), Keith Hopwood (Herman's Hermits), Pat Conroy,
Kevin Sullivan, Rita Wilson, Keith Strickland (B-52's), Ted Demme (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: "MUSICAL MEMORY" almost over
*Note: Tomorrow-All Arizona guys respond-oh, and my response too.

Alabama Jones Reading United Kingdom

ALABAMA SAYS: Hi, well thats true- it's my fav thing in the whole
world if I had to- I would rather be blind than deaf!!!

Without a doubt it would be Muse at Earls Court, 2004. It will be the
moment that will forever inspire me to be the best at what I do and be
creative and aspire for great things no matter how small they are!!

And, the moment I fell in love with Matt Bellamy. Ha ha ha ha


Cori James Radio Personality KUPD Phoenix Arizona

CORI SAYS: I gotta say, hands down, the best show ever was
Rage Against The Machine at Compton Terrace. I think it was

MY GOD. The entire place was alive. The crowd was like a tidal wave
that kept ebbing and flowing and no fewer than 20 pits were going at
any given time. It was unreal.

I've NEVER before or since seen that energy in the crowd or coming
off the stage. Damn. Miss those guys.

Mojo Radio Personality/PD WHHZ Gainesville Florida

MOJO SAYS: Radiohead at Boonaroo this past June.

They played for about 3 hours. It was outside and it was perfect.
What an amazing band and what an amazing time.

I am forever changed after this show!

Shawn Rock Radio Personality Manhattan Kansas

SHAWN SAYS: Oh this is easy. Around 84/85...saw Black Flag
in Spokane. My first punk rock show.

Some drunk guy was being...well rude and drunk. He was lost and
was NOT a Black Flag fan. Henry Rollins stopped the show...to stop
the asshole.

Well, the bastard threw a beer bottle at the band on stage. Rollins
stopped the show and came off stage and kicked the guy's ass right
next to me.

Man, that's when I developed the biggest crush on Hank. ha.

Beck Amory Mississippi

BECK SAYS: That would be Aerosmith in the late 80's in Memphis
Tennessee, and KISS in the 90's (I think) in Birmingham Alabama.

I remember Aerosmith because of a sentimental issue, and the Kiss
concert because of a couple of people that was there with me whom
are no longer here anymore.

Thank goodness for times like those to keep a memory alive when we
lose so many friends along the way.

October 25
Tara MacLean
Singer/songwriter Tara was born in 1973 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island,
Canada. Has two albums that were well recieved: Silence (1997) and Passenger
(1999). Divorced her husband Bill Bell in 2004. Gave birth to daughter Sophia Madrien
Soleil Bell in Oakville, Ontario, Canada on December 19, 2001. Is still good friends with
her ex-husband. Gave birth to daughter Stella Heather Sky on 23 February 2006. Tara's
nickname is Smiley. Hers songs have appeared in films and television shows such as;
"Charmed", "Coyote Ugly", "Inventing The Abbotts", and "Just A Kiss".

Birthday's today:
Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Tracy Nelson, Bobby Knight,
Adam Goldberg, John Hall (Orleans), Perry Saturn, Roy Lynes (Status Quo), Midori,
Robbie Macintosh (The Pretenders), Dan Gable, Matthias Jabs (Scorpions), Dave Collins,
Marion Ross, Dan Issel, John Matuszak, Helen Ready, Glen Tipton (Judas Priest),
Jon Anderson (Yes), Melinda McGraw, Joanne Black, Anne Tyler, Billy Barty (R.I.P.)

Continues. Scroll down.

Caza United Kingdom

CAZA SAYS: Hi Jonathan. My most memorable concert was
Faithless at the Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, UK.

The venue was small and intimate with fantastic acoustics.
Their performance was outstanding I lost myself that night
dancing my heart out.

Ramona BLackheart Los Angeles California

RAMONA SAYS: Well, it was not the first and it's not the last,
but I saw this summer Joan Jett And The Blackhearts for the
first time in my life in concert at Vans Warped Tour in Ventura.

After spending 7 hours backstage with the band it was worth it
because I got to meet Joan Jett, and plus she signed my guitar!

I mean, that's gotta be something GOOD, it's Joan Jett "The Queen
of Noise"!

I don't think I can erase this memory of my brain, and It shall stay
there til Stairway to Heaven!

~Sam~ Kansas

SAM SAYS: Well, I can tell ya one thing, it has not happened yet.

BUT, I am going to the Joan Jett and The Blackhearts concert at
Mississippi Nights in St. Louis, Mo on the 27th of this month!!!

I know it will be the BEST most awesome coolest concert I have ever
or will ever be too!!!

I cannot wait!!! I hope by some awesome chance I get to at least say
hi to her. :)

Anyway, I will tell ya all about it after the 27th. :)

xoxo Sam

You are gonna love Joan! She is ALWAYS awesome
in concert. Please do relay your experience Sam. ;-)

Chrisy London, Ontario Canada

CHRISY SAYS: My musical memory of a lifetime was the time
that this guy that I had such a huge crush on ask me if I wanted
to go and see KISS.

I was sooooo in love with him ...I was like 16 years old. We went
to the concert...it rocked and so did he. lol

Loretta San Diego California

LORETTA SAYS: Garbage at UCSD's Rimac Arena. They came by
the station I worked at (91X) earlier for an interview.

That night, Shirley was onstage and said (in her Scottish brogue)
"This next song's for Loretta, I hear she's a huge fan" and broke into
"Wicked Ways".

I thanked her after the show and told her I was happy she didn't
dedicate "Stupid Girl"!

October 24
Tila Nguyen
Born in Singapore in 1981, Tila 'Tequila' Nguyen at only 4" 11", has become a pop
culture sensation. The Houston native is today one of the most popular personalities
in cyberspace, breaking records on the ultra-successful MySpace.com website, with
a record breaking 1.4 million friends. Raised in a Buddhist temple, the Vietnamese
teenager soon rebelled against her strict upbringing, developing into an out-spoken
tomboy before being discovered by international magazine editors. Since then, this
Texan beauty has graced the covers of numerous magazines including Maxim UK and
Stuff, was recently listed on Maxim Magazine's 'Hot 100' list for 2006, and is featured
in Rolling Stone's 2006 'Hot Issue'. Was discovered by Playboy scouts in a mall. Did her
first shoot for Playboy at age 19. She is 3/4 Vietnamese and 1/4 French. Is a character
in 'Street Racing' for Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube. Playboy's first Asian to win the Cyber
Girl of the Month title. Manages upcoming groups of models called Feisty Felines. She
is also a recording star, working with people such as Lil John, DJ Lethal, and Junior
Sanchez. She is in negotions for a film "Horroween" for 2007.

Birthday's today:
Mary Bono, David Nelson, Rafael Furcal, F. Murray Abraham,
Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones), Raelee Hill, Nicole London, Ted Templeman,
Dave Meltzer, Ron Gardenhire, Daniel & Joshua Shalikar,
Catherine Sutherland,
Arthur Rhodes, Kevin Kline, Dara Hollingsworth, Griffin O' Neal,
Doug Davidson,
Alonzon Bevan (Kula Shaker), Y.A. Tittle, JP "Big Bopper" Richardson (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK Rock's On (See yesterday-scroll down)

Lakota London England

LAKOTA SAYS: Gun's N' Roses at Wembley Stadium 1991.

Getting invited backstage by Duff McKagen, but getting dragged away
by Wembley security before GNR security could come and get me!
(I was sitting on the wall of the medical area at the time!)

In hindsight, it was probably a godsend, as I was only 16 at the time and
who knows what trouble I would have got myself into!!

Sarah Wirral United Kingdom

SARAH SAYS: Wow thats tough!!!! I always loved Joy Division and
recently my boyfriend bought me tickets to see New Order live.

To be honest I wasn't really looking forward to it...but it was absolutely

They did Joy Division trax...and New Order stuff, and I was buzzing!!!

I also saw The Alarm years back....and wow!!! I was up singing my heart
out. Great anthems...great times!!!

Holly (aka ANRGIRL) Nashville Tennessee

HOLLY SAYS: You gotta be kiddin me right??? I have WAY too many
memories. Right now, sadly I can't think of any current impressionable
memories...but historically speaking...and going back to when I was a
kid...I remember being sooo excited about U2's "Unforgettable Fire" tour
at 16 years old.

I went even though I was on crutches and stood on the chair with crutches
then got overly excited and hobbled down, climbed the wall to get on the
floor, got myself to damn near front of stage and some guy put me up on
his shoulders...THAT WAS HOT!

Bono is the rock star of my lifetime. When he sings...his passion touches
your very deepest part of soul...while he may not be the BEST vocalist in
the world on a technical level....he has a gift far greater...he FEELS the
music and shares a part of himself through it. It's very rare. This is why
I was moved to hobble my way overthe wall and down to the front. I had
to be as close as I could get to witness this amazing moment.

Or, do you want me to share some music business expriences...like shaking
Roger Daltry's hand and meeting him at my desk when I was an assistant at
Atlantic Records. Or let's go way back....standing at a show in Allentown PA
that I had put together at 20-years old that Ahmet Ertegun flew in for on a
HELICOPTER because the roads were too bad from a snow storm.

He was there to see Skid Row and offered Dave "Snake" a record deal right
in front of me in the backstage dressing room apartment where we were having
a little hang out party. That was precious. They were my friends then and still
are today. That's mint! By the way, Skid Row is putting a new record out this
month. They rock! (JONATHAN: I know-been playing them the past few weeks
from a German import "Revolutions Per Minute")

One more memory....sitting at some mexican restaurant in Burbank having lunch
with Jonathan L some years back.

Now what can be more rock and roll than that!!!! :-)
JONATHAN: Aww, thanks Holly, that's very sweet of you. ;-)

Debbie United Kingdom

DEBBIE SAYS: Wet Wet Wet. Poole, Dorset 1990-ish.

Invited backstage with mate. Marti said I'll see to you later lassie,
when I accidently brushed my arm past his leg to get a beer!

Then we had to go cos mate arranged to be piked up by her b/f.

Always regret that. Marti 4eva. lol

Debra B Lake Havasu City Arizona

DEBRA SAYS: My dad took me to see Phantom Of The Opera, on
my 30th birthday in San Francisco and it was the best memory I have,
that I hold dear to my heart.

My dad now has been dying a slow death from A.L.S (Luke Garrett's
disease), and I was never close to him, because my mother kept me away
from him. And, he is a wonderful dad, and grandfather, so this is by far the
best moment in my life.

Roxie Los Angeles California

Motley Crue...July 2005...at the Verizon Ampitheater.

Very entertaining. Beautiful night...great music. The smell of beer,
perfume, amps, and pyrotechnics.

October 23
Sarah Laine
You might remember this young actress as 'Sarah Webber' on the TV soap "Port
Born in Santa Barbara on this day in 1982, Sarah and her family were on
the move, living in Western Europe. When they returned to the States, they bought
a house in Michigan, where they stayed put. When she entered middle school, she
took classes in drama and modeling, which prepared her for her future career. Her
summers were spent in Laguna, California with her grandmother, who was a pinup
girl back in 1943. When Sarah turned thirteen, she moved in with her grandmother,
and in exchange, she took Sarah to school, theater, auditions, jobs, and so on. Now
Sarah resides in Los Angeles. She appeared in Clean and Clear cosmetic commercials
back in 2002. She has a number of projects either filming or in post-production now.

Birthday's today:
Jasmine St. Claire, Sam Raimi, Ang Lee, Keith Van Horn,
Michael Crichton, Jim Bunning, Anita Roddick, Dwight Yoakum,
Doug Flutie,
Chi Chi Rodrigues, Beatie Edney, Kaleena Kiff, John Lackey, Jessica Dunphy,
Pele, Jordan Christopher, "Weird" Al Yankovic, Al Leiter, Diana Dors (R.I.P.)

Continued from last week.


What is the first concert/club show that comes to
mind as the BEST performance you have ever seen?

Who, where, when, and what memory will it
hold for you for the rest of your life?

*jOdi*sTaR* Seattle Washington

JODI SAYS: Hilarious! This is a good story. ;) The first show I ever
went to was Judas Priest and Dokken.

I specifically went because I looooooooooooooved Dokken!

I was on the shoulders of some guy (in a small tank dress- (it was
the 80's-I was 16) and I had HUGE rocker hair down to my ass. And
this guy on the stage kept looking at me and I was like "whatever".

He was an old man to me. Anyhow, after the show this guy came up
to me and asked me to come back stage. I was scared so I asked if I
could bring my friends too? I did.

What happend is the guy who was checkin' me out was Scott Travis
from Judas Priest and he "liked" me. So I talked them all into going
to a local bar in Anchorage (Alaska) called Chilkoot Charlie's.

Since I was 16 I figured they could get us in, so here I am 16 with Scott
Travis, Glen, Gary Tipten and KK Downing in my car with all my girl-
friendson their laps. And, that was my introduction to rock shows.

And, Don Dokken ended up being a total asshole. Oh ya, we also put on
Rob Halford's jackets. Those things weigh a ton. And no...we didn't do
any gross groupie things. We just hung out and it was fun. ;)

Miss Tina Texarkana Arkansas

TINA SAYS: Well I've seen many concerts, many! I guess the
most fantastic of memories that comes to mind would be Alice
Cooper when I was 17 years old!

It was his 'Welcome to my Nightmare Tour'. I guess what made
it so majical was the whole theatrics of it all! Coming from a
small town I had not seen anything like such!

It was awesome! He came out in a skeleton outfit carrying a sickle
while a mechanical black widow spider crawled along the stadium
dome. He came into the crowd like a crazed madman while his whole
act put on a show unlike anything I had ever seen!

I was hooked from that day forward.

Alex (L) Falkirk Scotland

ALEX SAYS: Hi Jonathan. I think I have to take you way back to the
80's when Electronic music and the New Romantics were very in
and hip, just after the Punk phase died out in the UK.

Back then I thought I was a trendy male in Dandy clothes and makeup
able to compete with any pop star of the time. Although I looked more
like Phil Oakey from the Human League or John Taylor from Duran
, I had been more into the sound created by a Liverpool band
called OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvers In The Dark).

They modelled themselves off a German group called Kraftwerk (hit
single "The Model"), and released their first electronic single called
"Electricity" themselves, which set them as one of the best electronic
bands of the 80's. Although teenage girls were more into Duran Duran
at the time.

I have to say that the more hit singles they released in the UK during the
80's just made me a total fan of theirs, which meant I ended up going to
see them many a time on stage live. So, although I have a long list of fav
bands, the best performance has to be OMD in my view.

Their website URL is www.omd.uk.com

Luv, Alex. xxx

Ramona Hope British Columbia, Canada

RAMONA SAYS: Who: Duran Duran. Where: Vancouver B.C. Canada
When: February 1st, 1984.

Yes, I remembered the date of the concert, that is how good it was.
It was such a memorable night for me.

Just to see such a fantastic innovative video band live for the first time
and to be in the front row after having a row 20 ticket because people
were just rushing to the stage to get a closer look at these beautiful
British boys from Birmingham England.

It was great to just be a little part of that 80's mania.

Also at the time they had a movie documentary of that tour which helps
to reflect on that wonderful time.

This was the first band to ever have a video screen behind the stage so
that people in the back could see them up close.

I have always held Duran Duran close to my heart.

[shameless plug] www.duranduran.com

Keren Gloucestershire United Kingdom

KEREN SAYS: Wow! Good question. I've been to a few concerts
and few stage shows in Londons West End.

My first ever concert was Aerosmith, who are my all time fave band
and whose wings logo I have tattooed on my back.

I've also been to see The Lost Prophets, The Quo and The Darkness.

Then I've been to see Buddy, Les Miserables, Oliver, Mary Poppins at
the theatre.

Buddy has good memories as I was 8 1/2 months pregnant and dancing
in the aisles and seeing my dad's face when I told him my due date.

Then Mary Poppins has great memories too as I took my children to see it.
My little one yelled out at top of his lungs when the dad screwed up a note
his children wrote and threw on the fire..."wot u do that for?"
Everyone burst out laughing!

But I think my all time fave is Les Miserbales, seen it 3 times.

The songs are very emotional.
There's highs and lows. No real reason other
than it's bloody good as why that's my fave memory.

My Chemical Romance song "The Black Parade" reminds me of some of the
songs from Les Miserables.
Very powerful!

October 20
Dannii Minogue
The younger sister of Kylie was born in 1971 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
By June 1978, she had secured a role in the Australian series "Skyways" (1979).
A number of guest appearances followed, leading to her appearance as a "Talent
Discovery" on the popular "Young Talent Time" (1971). Three years later, she be-
came an official cast member. As Dannii's professional resume grew, so did her
popularity. Her first fashion range, titled "Dannii", sold out in a record 10 days in
1988. International stardom came when Dannii took the role of Emma Jackson in
the popular soap opera "Home and Away" (1988), which led to her receiving the
"Most Popular Female TV Personality" Award at the Australian Television Awards
1989 Logie Awards. Her self-titled debut album was released in 1991. Her motion
picture debut Secrets (1990) (V) came in 1992, and she followed this success with
a second album, "Get Into You", in 1993. Upon relocating to London in the early
1990s, Dannii hosted a series of talk shows for British television. Books into hotels
under her "pornstar" name, Pussy Jones. #12 in Loaded's 100 hottet Babes count-
down (2002). #29 in FHM's 100 sexiext women list (2002), and #27 in 2003. Has had
many top charting singles in the UK. May 29th 2006: named Queen Of The Clubs after
her single "So Under Pressure" becomes her seventh #1 in a row on the UK Upfront
Club Chart. She is now officially the best performing artist on this charts history.

Birthday's today:
Tom Petty, Melanie Mayron, Juan Gonzalez, Fred Coury (Cinderella),
Eddie Jones, Snoop Dogg, Ricky Byrd (Joan Jett and The Blackhearts), Ray Childress,
Keith Hernandez, Susan Tully, Viggo Mortensen, Scott "Razor Ramon" Hall, Eric Scott,
Erika Nann, Anne Marie Stefani, Ric Lee (Ten Years After), Al Greenwood (Foreigner),
Juan Marichal, Kristin Novak, Wanda jackson, Jerry Orbach (R.I.P.), Mickey Mantle (R.I.P.)

*Will resume next Monday the 23rd. Many more responses yet to come.

Ali Taylor Vocalist Los Angeles California

ALI SAYS: Hey Jonathan here's my answer, so here goes.

My favorite memory was when I saw Prince in concert, he's one
of my musical inspirations.

I slept outside, in typical Minnesota twenty degree weather all night
in order to get a good seat. The doors opened in the morning and I
was frozen, but thrilled to get great seats.

The concert was amazing, and I actually cried when he came out on
stage. I don't get star struck easily, but with all his undeniable talent
I just lost it.

Ali Taylor

Bexy United Kingdom

BEXY SAYS: Scunk Anansie Concert. She was EXCELLENT LIVE, and
I was right at the front.

Had bruises from the barriers to prove it. Managed to get handed one
of the drumsticks too.

Memories of one of the BEST grunge/rock female black artist of my time.

Rocking group. Wish they did some more stuff lately.


Tam (aka Kiss Me IM Contagious) Rancho Cucamonga California

TAM SAYS: I have two great memories, first was "California Jam".
It was less then a mile from my house and we could hear it great!!

I was too young to go, but I remember sitting on top of our roof with
my siblings listening and dancing, it was such a great memory. You
could hear Black Sabbath, the Eagles and Deep Purple and so on.

It was in 1974, I was only 7 years old lol then they had California
Jam 2
in 1978. Again I was too young to go. Boo hoo!! So we did the
same thing to the tunes of Heart, Aerosmith, Ted Nugent!!

Then 4 years later was the first US Festival. Also, within miles from
my house. I was 15 and snuck with friends to go. My mom still thought
I was too young. Ha ha, it was a blast, but the US Festival 2 was the
best for me.

I mean, Quiet Riot, Motley Crue, Ozzy Osbourne , Judas Priest,
Triumph , Scorpions,
and Van Halen.

I will never see another show like that again!!!!!

I almost peed my pants when Van Halen came on. I lived for them at
the time!! Oh and my mom thought I was too young to go to that one
too, so again I was bad and lied, said I was going camping with my
friend. Ha ha. Mom knows now the truth and just shakes her head when
I mention it. hee hee

Ahhhh, goodtimes goodtimes!!

Tam :)

Lindsey (aka Pinkpunch) United Kingdom

LINDSEY SAYS: Hiya. It would have to be Def Leppard.

I went to see them in Birmingham. Was fantastic concert and
the next day in a service station I bumped in to Joe Elliot.

That memory will stay with me for ever.

hope ur well
pink x

Miss Michel (L) Scottsdale Arizona

MICHEL SAYS: It would have to be the time Motley Crue came
through Arizona on their reunion tour like 2 years ago at Cricket

I was so freakin' excited to go and I went with an ex boyfriend of
mine (just friends now), and we have both loved the Crue since we
were way young.

Anyway, didn't even have tickets, drove to show and bought tix from
scalper. Great seats. The show was awesome (I cried, yes I cried to
Motley Crue!).

And we were then, and have since been reveling in what we still call
one of the best times and shows we've ever seen.

October 19
The MOST famous transvestite of all-time was born on this day in 1945, in
Baltimore, Maryland.
Originally born Harris Glen Milstead just after the end
of WWII, Baltimore's most outrageous resident eventually became the int-
ernational icon of bad taste cinema, as the always shocking and highly ent-
ertaining transvestite performer, Divine. Milstead met maverick film director
& good friend, John Waters, at high school in Baltimore, and the two combined
to star in and direct several ultra low budget, taboo breaking cult films of the
early 1970s. Their first efforts included Roman Candles (1966), Eat Your Make-
up (1968) and Mondo Trasho (1969)....however, their most infamous work to-
gether was the amazing Pink Flamingos (1972), in which Divine starred as "Babs
Johnson", the "filthiest person alive" living in a pink trailer with her egg-eating
grandmother, chicken-loving son and voyeuristic daughter. Idolized Elizabeth
Taylor as a teenager, and dressed up as her character "Gloria" from Butterfield 8
in 1960 for a Halloween party that he attended wearing a slip, fur coat, and still-
Milstead's health deteriorated due to to his obese frame, and he passed
away in his sleep from a combination of heart attack and apnea in 1988.

Birthday's today:
Jennifer Holliday, Ty Pennington, John Lithgow, Jeannie C. Riley,
Tony Lo Bianco, Karl Wallinger (World Party), Jon Favreau, Annie Golden, Amy Carter,
Evander Holyfield, John "Joe Bob Briggs" Bloom, Sascha Visser, Cyndi Thomson,
Keith Reid (Procol Harum), Dan "Woody" Woodgate (Madness), Nino DeFranco,
Keith Foulke, Carolyn Bishop, Joe McEwing, Peter Tosh (R.I.P.), Robert Reed (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: Continues (Scroll down)

Dee Essex United Kingdom

DEE SAYS: Heya Jonathan. Billy Mackenzie & the Associates
at Ronnie Scotts 1985.

My friend Debbie was a huge Billy fan and I agreed to go with
her to the gig. At the end of the show she barged her way back-
stage with me in tow.

Poor Billy was a complete gentleman when confronted with this
6ft. blonde maniac of a girl, shrieking at the top of her voice.

I was duly embarrassed.

It wasn't until a good 20 years later that I became a big Billy
Mackenzie fan myself. Oh how I wish I could turn back the clock
and meet him with those eyes.

Love & peace ~~~ Dee x
*the D stands for Dreamdelight*

Lorna (aka Trouble) London England

LORNA SAYS: Hmm, I reckon the best and most memorable gig
I've been to was Rammstein at the Brixton Academy last year.

Not only did they sound totally amazing, the whole show was
astounding... pyrotechnics galore. One of the best moments was
during "Amerika" when vast amounts of ticker tape came cascading
from the sky...with red, white and blue light projected onto it (then
again, I'm a girl and easily distracted by shiny things!).

What made this gig even more memorable was the fact that the support
act was outstanding (for once!). They were Apocalyptica...a group of
heavy metal cellists. We were so impressed by their music that we had
their cover of "Fade to Black" played at our wedding!

Laney Orlando Florida

Hey Jonathan! I thought i would respond to your Q
this week since it struck up some of the best memories of my life.

The best performance and most life changing experience that im-
mediately comes to mind for me was when I turned 14. My sister
gave me tickets to see Joan Jett & the Blackhearts on my birthday
and I was absolutely blown away!

It was at the Sunrise Musical Theater in Sunrise, FL in 1988. This
was my first rock concert and during this show I realized that this is
where my heart belongs.

I do believe I sold my soul to rock n' roll on this very night! I was home

I even started learnin' how to play the guitar again, thanks to Joan Jett!
She completely renewed my desire to play again with her brutally honest,
hot & sweaty rock n' roll! Thanks Joan!

I can remember the next day drivin' all over the city searchin' for all the
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts material I could find. Then moving on to all
of The Runaways stuff, and then drivin' around with my sis learnin' all the
songs and singin' along as loud as we could. Lots of great memories that
I will cherish forever!

Your friend, Laney

Kim Norfolk United Kingdom

KIM SAYS: It was Four Star Mary. (the band that did the music for
Oz's band in Buffy) in The Boatrace Pub in Cambridge about 5 years

Support band was Farrah. Great night, sweated buckets, jumping around
singing my lungs out. Made loads of friends that night and stayed sober
for a change. lol

Rhonda Scottsdale Arizona

Hey Jonathan. Queensryche "Operation Mind Crime".
America West Arena. First tour!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 18
Angela Visser
Dutch model, former Miss Universe (Cancun, Mexico) 1989, was born in

Nieuwerkerk aan den Ijssel, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands in 1966. Boyfriend
is Spencer Rochfort. They met on the set of '"Acapulco H.E.A.T." (1993)'
where Angela was a guest-actress. Although work has been scarce the
past few years, Angela has been on many a television show back in the
90's. Among her credits; "The Ben Stller Show", Beverly Hills 90210", "Boy
Meets World", Blossom", Baywatch", and "Friends". All minor roles.

Birthday's today:
Maria Bravo, Jean-Claude Van Dam, Pam Dawber, Alexandra Wilcke,
Erin Moran, Leilene Onrade, Laura Nyro, Wynton Marsalis, Mike Ditka, Vincent Spano,
Martina Navaratilova, Howard Shore, Thomas Hearns, Keith Jackson, Kotomi Kyono,
Chuck Berry, Emily Arth, Chantal Desroches, Keith Knudson (The Doobie Brothers),
Peter Boyle, Liz Burch, Doug Mirabelli, George C. Scott (R.I.P ), Pete Best (Beatles R.I.P.)

(continues: scroll down)

Jane Evil Vocalist New York

JANE SAYS: Wow, What a hard one to answer! I have seen so many
remarkable concerts!

Many hold wonderful memories for me because they were my friends.
To be able to watch them perform and be apart of the whole "scene"
is quite memorable!!!!!

Plus their friendship makes it memorable all the more. Music is my life,
so to have to pick one out of so many is impossible to me...each one
holds a special memory of its own.

I know this isn't quite the answer most would give...but for me...it's the
best one I have!

Awww Jane, you coulda dropped at least one name. ;-( ;-)

Jane Leicester United Kingdom

Hi Jonathan. Well for me it would have to be seeing the
Red Hot Chilli Peppers in LA in 1989 at a club I believe was called
"Pysco Bitches" It was absolutely mad!

I will never forget it. First time in Amercia having the time of my life.
You would not believe how may free drinks you get when you are English,
plus I was 21 then and could drink legally which did help.

Also back in the days I would say Guns and Roses playing at Donnington
Rock Festival were at there peak for sure. A crazy crazy day!!

Ahhhh, the memories. lol

Jane xx

Patti Mesa Arizona

PATTI SAYS: It was 1977 or 78, I was eleven years old, my sister
ten, and my dad took us to the Coliseum to see KISS "live"!

And the opening act, was at that time, the not so famous Cheap Trick!

I still don't know to this day which act was better between the stage
show KISS put on or the energy Rick Nielsen showed bouncing all over
the stage. Not to mention the number of different guitars he played!

Both performances were outstanding and to this day I remember that
show like it was yesterday. And I can't say that about any other concert
I have been to!

Micky Rage (aka Aldo Rox) San Francisco California

MICKY SAYS: The Bridge School Benefit Annual Concert, sponsered
by Neil Young.

The Bridge School is an educational program dedicated to ensuring that
children with severe speech and physical impairments achieve full part-
icipation in their communities through the use of augmentative and alt-
ernative means of communication (AAC) and assistive technology (AT)

All accoustic sets from: Crazy Horse, Pearl Jam, REM, Dave Mathews,
Ben Harper, Tracy Chapman, Billy Idol and Jill Sobule.

A wonderful show for a wonderful cause, and I got to see it all from
backstage and meet the artists. A wonderful experience.

October 17
Michelle Ang
This young actress was born in Malaysia in 1983. While only 23 years old, Michelle
is already well known around the world from her work as a regular cast member
on the Australian soap opera "Neighbours" and the Kiwi hit teen show "The Tribe",
she is also well known from her appearence as Akemi in "Xena" final episode.

Michelle is a talented ballet dancer and is currently studying at Victoria University
for a double degree in Law and Chemistry. She recently made her film debut in the
film "Futile Attraction"in 2004. Sang on the CD 'Abe Messiah' from the Tribe. Toured
with the Tribe through Europe. Personal quote; "Live life in such a way that you never
have regrets." In 2005 played 'Tracy' in the TV series "Outragious Fortune".

Birthday's today:
Eminem, Wyclef Jean, Mike Judge, Ziggy Marley, Michael McKean,
Alan Jackson, Allen West (Obituary), Shauna O'Brien, Margot Kidder, Sandra Reemer,
Evel Knieval, Sam Bottoms, Angela Kramers (Dolly Dots), John Mabry, Natalie NG,
Brooke Richards, Connie Ann Hearn, George Wendt, Carol Cole, Vincent Van Patten,
Danny Ferry, Gary Puckett, John Rocker, Vicki Hodge, Jimmy Breslin, Bob Seagren

Q of THE WEEK: (see yesterday-scroll down)

Trudy Wales United Kingdom

TRUDY SAYS: Hi Jonathan. The best concert thats springs to mind
personally for me is, The Rolling Stones in Cardiff Millenium
Stadium on 29th August 06.

Apart from the best showmanship that has/ever will be seen, it was
also the 1st concert that my 12 yr-old son had been to, and to see
the look of amazement and wonder in his face as he sung his heart
out throughout the night will always be a vision and an evening that
will stay close to my heart.

Music has always been a huge passion of my family's, and to see that
it is also becoming a passion for him too, is the most fantastic thing!

best wishes
Trudy ox

Susie Bradford on Avon United Kingdom

SUSIE SAYS: Hmm...that's a tricky one...will give it some thought.
Can I have more than one? No probably not. Ok, well if you want a
significant memory attached then its probably either.

Patti Smith at the Rainbow Theatre in Finsbury Park, London. Would
have been in 1977/8/9 or thereabouts I think.

Memory is having a beer with John Lydon and Don Letts in the pub
next door before the gig. Patti was a total goddess to me at the time.
Loved her so much...still do.

Second choice would be the Ramones at the same venue. Was a New
Year's eve concert and they had a special late night extension. Everyone
was given a little paper banner on a stick with happy new year from the
Ramones written on one side, and "gabba gabba hey" on the other.

After the gig we had to walk home as there was no transport left. It was
about 6 miles to my part of London and it was snowing heavily.

Every so often we would see another party of walkers carrying the same
little banners.

I could probably find lots of others. Am not sure whether they were the best
performances ever, but they were the ones that popped into my head first.

Funny how things from long ago stick so firmly in your head.

Good to hear from you Jonathan. Hope all is well with you.
love... x

Sharon United Kingdom

SHARON SAYS: When I was 14 I was in a car crash and the
tune on the radio was "Come On Eileen" by Dexy's Midnight
Runners. (1982)

That's a music memory...ha ha. Pink Floyd always gives me
memories...of mistakes and harmonies. lol

Nicole (R) Cheshire England

NICOLE SAYS: OK, This one is an easy one. I have been a
Skunk Anansie fan for a long time.

But never got the opportunity to see them live. Skin (lead vox)
is my vocal idol. I love her passion and envy her vocal range.

One night I was filling in as a drummer for a show, and afterwards
a guy approaches me and asks me how long I'd been playin etc.
He asks me who my idol is? I say, well I'm not normaly behind the
kit. I sing and Skin is my idol.

He only happens to be her tour manager and offers me a free ticket
to her gig in Manchester. I go. She is unbeleivable live. I then go to
leave after the show and I get invited backstage...F**K ME!

What better memory could I ask for? Thank god I had my camera with
me that night!

October 16
Eva R�se
Keep an eye on Eva, who was born in 1973 in Skarholmen, Stockholm,
Sweden. Born Eva Charlotta R�se, the 5' 7" blonde has three older sis-
ters: Yvonne, Liv and Karin.
After making the children's TV show 'Disney-
klubben' she began to study acting at Teaterh�gskolan in Stockholm. She
graduated with a performance in Lars Nor�n's play 'Munich-Aten'. She has
done a lot of roles for both radio and television. She is currently under con-
tract with The Royal Dramatic Theatre, where she has starred in Bertolt
Brecht's 'Puntila' and Tennessee Williams' 'This Property Is Condemned'.
Had a small role in Steven Spielberg's Munich (2005), but her scenes were
not in the final cut of the film. Currently is filming a new movie and more to
come soon.

Birthday's today:
John Mayer, Missy Hyatt, Tamara Podemski, Kellie Martin,
Flea (RHCP), Tim Robbins, Bob Mould (Husker Du), Ann Eleonora Jorgensen,
Manute Bol, C Fred Turner (Bachman Turner Overdrive), Caterina Scorsone,
Wendy Wilson (Wilson Phillips), Bob Weir (Grateful Dead), Angela Lansbury,
PJ "Justin Incredible" Walker, Anniek Pheifer, Barry Corbin, Tim McCarver,
Heather Campbell, David Zucker, Nico (Velvet Underground R.I.P.)


What is the first concert/club show that comes to
mind as the BEST performance you have ever seen?

Who, where, when, and what memory will it
hold for you for the rest of your life?

*This Q will run for a couple of weeks

Vivi (aka Line 666) Besancon, DOM France

VIVI SAYS: The best performance i ever seen was my first Wacken
Open Air Festival in Germany.

It was last year during the first week of August. It was the first European
festival I ever did in my life, moreover it's one of the biggest in Europe.
I remember, this year, Machine Head performed on the second night.

I got a VIP press pass for the first time in my life also, because I just
became a member of Hard as a Rock magazine's team many months ago.
So, it was the first time I had the possibility to meet lots of famous people
in metal world, because before this happened I only had phone interviews
and I never had the opportunity to make face to face interviews yet.

I was so excited, my god!!! I had the feeling to live awake in a dream...lol.

The biggest shock I had was to see almost all Machine Head's band members
in the evening, after their show. The first MH member I saw was Robert Flynn
(singer/ guitarist). Then, as soon as I saw this guy, I thought my heart would
stop to beat at all once!!! lol.

Well, I didn't know what to do: did I have to come to him and tell him some
silly stuffs like: "Hi Rob...erm...I love what you do, you know, I'm one of
your biggest fan!", or something...lol. So I decided to stay in my corner
looking at him like a silly girl, because I didn't want to look more silly than
I already looked like.

Then, one of HAAR team member (Alex), came to me and asked me: "Hey
Vivi, what happends to you? Didn't you see Rob is just there, in front of you?
You fucking dreamed to talk to him so, what the hell are you doing? Why
don't you go to and talk to him now, he won't stay here for years, you know?".

I answered, I was so impressed that I didn't dare telling anything. I was too much
shy at all once...lol. After, I saw Alex telling something to Rob, and then, Rob
stared at me, and he seemed to be really angry...I wondered what happened to
Rob and I suddenly felt...NUMB !!! (People who already looked at Rob's eyes will

I waited a while and I started thinking and telling myself: "Girl, maybe it's the
really last chance in your life you have the luck to meet this guy, so you have
to size this occasion and to dare ask him for a pic or something!!! So move your
ass and do it, shit!!!". Hahaha. So, decided to take my courage in hands and I
went to see Rob. My heart was beating so strong in my chest. Then I took Rob
gently by the arm, and I asked him with a little girlie voice: "Hey Rob, it's nice to
meet you, erm, do you agree if I take a pic with you?".

Then, Rob stared at me straight in the eyes, and suddenly bursted of laughter to
see me with my so white face, and answered me something like: "Of course girl,
there's not problem, and he took me in his arms. He was so friendly!

I wondered why he looked at me so strangely many minutes ago. I really didn't
understand what was happening to me but I was one of the happiest woman in
the world at this time.

When we went back to the camping with the team, I absolutely wanted to find an
answer to my question "what the hell happened to Rob?"...lol, so I told the team
about my little history and they confessed me they simply wanted to make a joke
to me with Rob, because Rob and the team were all really rolling to see me so
"uptighted". hahaha.

Well, they all knew Rob well and knew that he was one of the most friendly guy in
the world and that making this would please him because he loves joking. haha.

Yes, that'll always be one of the best memory in my life. Btw, you should see the
face I have on the pic, I look like a girl who just saw a ghost, and Rob is ready to
burst of laughter. lol

JONATHAN: Wow, Vivi...that was a vivid story.-lol Thanks for sharing.

MG (aka ^*^Mistress Of DaMaGe^*^) Peoria Arizona

MG SAYS: WHAT UP JL!!!!!! I have soooooo many wonderful concert
memories. A really great one is when I was 16 and saw Slayer on
the Divine Intervention tour at Mesa Amphitheater (yes, the show
on the live video/DVD).

I remember Machine Head was one of the bands that opened and I was
up front against the barricade. At the end of their set, Adam was throwing
picks into the crowd and he looked right at me and threw me his last pick.

However, the dude next to me lunged (as much as you can being squeezed
in like sardines) and snatched it from me in the air. So Adam jumped of the
stage into the security walkway, walked up to me, grabbed my hand and put
his own pick directly in my hand!

Another great memory was more recent involving my daughter. I took her
to a POD show at Marquee Theater, but not to see POD, we were there to see
the support act LACUNA COIL.

She didn't know she was going until we pulled up to the venue and handed her
her ticket. So she got to see the show and had a blast, singing all the songs, etc.
After their set they were signing CD's in the lobby, so I bought her her own copy
of "Comalies" to have them sign. The band had a blast with her and thought she
was adorable (I think she was 8 at the time).

We were standing in the walkway in the lobby watching the next band when
Cristina walked right by us and stopped at my daughter, saying bye and ruffling
her hair.

My daughter then looked up at me and said, "MOM! Today...is the GREATEST day
...OF MY LIFE!!!!", with dramatic pauses and everything.

That last part MG is precious. ;-)

Bonny (aka Miss Fortune) (R) Reno Nevada

BONNY SAYS: Best show I have ever seen...wow, that's a tough one.

I am gonna have to say I have two. The first is Boy Sets Fire at the
Great American Music Hall in San Francisco.

The second would have to be (and this shows my age) AC/DC
"Thunderstruck" tour with L.A. Guns) at Arco Arena in good ole
Sacto! (*that's Sacramento, California)

Ciao baby~Fortune

Liane Phoenix Arizona

LIANE SAYS: Jonathan...great Q this week! For me...Hands down...
Monsters of Rock~Alpine Valley WI~Summer of 87!

It was Van Halen, Scorpions, Metallica, Dokken and Kingdom Come!

Of course Metallica stole the show and Sammy fell off the stage...LOL...
but the highlight was when me and my cousin got back stage and James
looked over at me and walked up to me smiling as he said "Nice Tits"! LOL

(Of course when you're 19 and trashed, and a member of band like
Metallica says that...what do you say in response?

Me...hehehe, I said thanks, where's Lars?!)

Mish Portland Oregon

MISH SAYS: Well, back in around 78 or 79 in Portland, when I was
just a wee girl and sneaking into rock shows, my biggest influences
were the Wipers.

Time and again, they were mesmerizing, intense, raw and amazing.

Mish Bondage

Sado-Nation, Cheap Damage

Yes Mish, Greg Sage was a great musician.

October 13
Kelly Preston
Mrs. John Travolta was born in 1962 in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Born and raised in Hawaii,
except for 15 months at age 5 where she lived in Iraq. Her father was working with
the minister of agriculture to improve Iraq's farming conditions.
Discovered by a
fashion photographer when she was 16, he helped her get work in commercials and
even set up for an audition for the Brooke Shields' role in The Blue Lagoon (1980).
She didn't get the part because she was too sultry. But she has been in many, many
films and television shows. In the 90s, her career took a secondary position to that
of devoted wife to John Travolta and their two children. She and husband John Travolta
are Scientologists. John Travolta married Kelly twice. The first wedding on 5 September
1991, by a French scientologist minister, was declared illegal. The couple met during the
filming of The Experts (1989). She is getting back slowly into film, being seen in "Broken
Bridges" this year, and is currently filming "Death Sentence".

Birthday's today:
Ashanti, Margarita Maria Beatriz, Lacy J. Dalton, Rob Schneider,
Paul Simon, Joey Belladonna (Anthrax), Sammy Hagar, Jerry Rice, Tisha Campbell,
Cady McClain, Jermaine O'Neal, Marie Osmond, Derek Harper, Trevor Hoffman,
John Ford Coley (England Dan and John Ford Coley), Pamela Tiffin, Melinda Dillon,
Craig McGregor (Foghat), Robert Lamm (Chicago), Ellen Brusse, Beverly Johnson,
Jerry Jones, Lenny Bruce (R.I.P.), Nipsey Russell (R.I.P.), Yves Montand (R.I.P.)

Another Q of THE WEEK "MIDDLE NAMES" comes to an end
(scroll down for all the responses)

*A new Q of THE WEEK will return on Monday October 16th-
have a wonderful weekend)

Suzi Laguna Niguel California

SUZI SAYS: My middle name is now, what used to be my last
name, when I was married to my ex-husband.

When I remarried and changed names, I chose to keep my former
last name to ease in identifying myself at airports when presenting
or claiming my kids, when they'd shuttle between states when/while
they're minors.

Plus it was my name for 16 yrs and a large part of who I was/still am.

JONATHAN: Suzi, you didn't say what it is, but I won't probe any
further. ;-)

Shawn Rock (L) Radio Personality Manhattan Kansas

SHAWN SAYS: Wow...personal. I love it! Elizabeth. haha. Pretty
"Little House on the Prarie" like, right?

Actually, it's a family name...passed on from my great great grand-
mother, to my great grandmother, to grandmother, to me, and now
....to my daughter!!

It holds a place dear in my heart.

Unlike my first name...Shawn...which was a friend of my dad's who
was a jockey. CLASSY, DAD!!

Loretta San Diego California

Hey Jonathan. My middle name is Lynn
(elementary school was a bitch with all of the Coal Miner's
Daughter jokes).

My mom's favorite Uncle (Kenny) had a favorite singer
(Loretta Lynn).

Scott The Barber (L) Phoenix Arizona

SCOTT SAYS: Hey Jonathan. I know my middle name, but don't
know why they called me it. Scott P Blakemore. P for Patrick.

Lindsay United Kingdom

LYNDSAY SAYS: Don't get it myself...what the hell are middle names

I have a first name and a surname, it's all I'll ever need!!

Lyndsay xx

JONATHAN: Well, umm...good question Lyndsay. Through the past
two weeks, no one has brought that up. I suppose it was that
parents wanted to throw something a little extra, ya think? Maybe,
in some cases it was their second choice for the first name?

October 12
Susan Anton
The former Miss California was born in Oak Glen, California in 1970. Listed as
one of twelve "Promising New Actors of 1979" in John Willis' Screen World,
Vol. 31. Voted "Miss Murial" in the 1970s. Viewers selected her from two
other ladies as the new spokesperson for Murial cigars. The leggy 5' 11 1/2"
beauty has aged gracefully. She played Jackie Quinn on "Baywatch". Has
been on many tv shows, including; "Murder She Wrote", "Alfred Hitchcock
Presents", "Night Court", "Mike Hammer", and "Love Boat" among over 30
appearences over the years. Of course you have see Susan in numerous

Birthday's today:
Hugh Jackman, Kimberly Hoskins, Chris Wallace, Emma Greenwood,
Pat DiNizio (Smithereens), Jane Siberry, Sid Fernandez, Christianne Eastwood, Yu-Mi Kim,
Stan Hansen, Luciano Pavarotti, Sam Moore (Sam and Dave), Jose Valentin, Anne Perry,
Dick Gregory, Rick Parfitt (Status Quo), Tom Blomberg, Jeff Keith (Tesla), Tony Kubek,
Daliah Lavi, Jo Ann Willette, Nancy Kerrigan, Samantha Winward, Kirk Cameron

Q of THE WEEK: "MIDDLE NAMES" (also see below)

Marie (aka ~`Reezie`~) Atlanta Georgia

MARIE SAYS: I like your middle name, it goes very well
with Jonathan.

I am not sure why my mother chose Ellen but I do know why
my mother nicknamed me Reezie, she says it was easier to
call Ree instead of Marie!

Now that's pretty lazy but I kinda like her calling me Reezie
even today.lol

Tamera (aka Kiss Me Im Contagious) Rancho Cucamonga California

TAMERA SAYS: Mine is Leigh too. No exciting story there, my
first name Tamera is more exciting. I was named after my dads
fav brand of whisky!!

lol- Gotta love having an alcoholic dad!! lol

Tam :)

Sam Kansas

Hello! Well, my middle name is Lee. It was passed
down to me from my Grandma.

That was her middle name too! I know it may not sound as unique,
but my Grandma was a very special and wonderful woman.

So I am privileged to have it passed down to me from her. :)

Kathaleen Rancho Cordova California

KATHALEEN SAYS: Suzanne. My father had a girlfriend named
Suzanne (before mum).

At the time my mum didn't know about her and thought Suzanne
was a beautiful name. Especially the spelling

Mike Marrone Program Director/The Loft/XM Washington DC

MIKE SAYS: I actually don't have a middle name but I am
a III (Third).

JONATHAN: I have known you for a lot of years Mike.
Never knew that. ;-)

October 11
Constance Zimmer
Damn! Turning only 36 today, this face has been all over your television screen for the
better part of 13 years. Constance was born in 1970 in Seattle, Washington. After ap-
pearing in some national commercials("Duracell", "Triscuit", "Budweiser"), numerous
TV guest spots ("The Fighting Fitzgeralds" (2001), "The King of Queens" (1998), "Sein-
feld" (1990) and "The Wayans Bros." (1995)), she finally found steady work, success
and a loyal fan legion with "Good Morning, Miami" (2002). She won the "Best Actress"
Dramalogue Award in the Los Angeles play "Catholic School Girls". Is a heavily involved
AIDS activist and attends a lot of celebrity benefits for charity. Has become a partner in
the store opening of House of Petro Zillia on Third Street in Los Angeles this summer. For
you fans of "Entourage", she played Dana Gordon, and also this year has played Claire
Simms on "Boston Legal".

Birthday's today:
Claudia Black, Sally Magnusson, Luke Perry, Joan Cusack, Dawn French,
Sean Moyinhan, Kelly Martin, Natalie Jay, Petra Hayden (Decemberists), Cherokee Parks,
MC Lyte, Derek Lowe, Emily Wood, Frank Muyser (Les Baroques), Daryl Hall (Hall & Oates),
Catlin Adams, Dottie West, Jon Moss (Culture Club), Dmitri Young, Ron Leibman, Amos Gitai,
Anna Choy, Orlando Hernandez, Blair Cunningham (Haircut 100), Leslie Landon, Jon Miller

Q of THE WEEK continues: MIDDLE NAMES (scroll down)

Debra Lake Havasu City Arizona

DEBRA SAYS: My name was suppose to be Shelley Ann, but I ended
being Debra Lynn.

They gave my mom to much medication and she was high as a kite,
so thats where my middle and first name came from.

Talk about not having any meaning to your name. lol

Alba Bama San Jos� Costa Rica

ALBA SAYS: Well this is kinda tricky because a lot of people keep
their second name as a top secret...mine is Rosario (was my
Grandmother's name).

I will, and should love her all my life but I didn't want her name. :)

Space Worcestershire United Kingdom

SPACE SAYS: My middle name is soddin'...JANE.


Because my mum wanted a BOY...and she was just being
a BeeaaaaaaaattttttttCH!!!

I mean JANE for F**Ks SAKE!!

Nicole Cheshire United Kingdom

NICOLE SAYS: Hey J. My middle name is Sylvia, it's Italian.

My mum wanted to give me an Italian middle name in case I
ever moved back there. I think she thought I could just swap
my names over!!!

I kinda like the way tho that when I'm in Italy my name isn't the
norm....you know, I'm not your bog standard Maria, Sylvia, Lucia
ect ect ...I'm Nicole!

My friends in Italy call me Nic, which is a guys name, but that's
cool 4 me. I'm a born and bred tom boy so I like it.

Thanx 4 askin' and speak soon!

Melodie Sasebo Japan

MELODIE SAYS: My middle name is EVE, and it was given to
me because I was the first daughter/grand-daughter born, named
after the first woman..."EVE".

(Who was also known for the fall of mankind and as the queen
of temptation. lol!)

October 10
Anita Mui (R.I.P.)
Another of my favorite Chinese actress', was not only a major star in Hong Kong cinema,
but also a major pop singer. Born in Hong Kong in 1963, she passed from cervical cancer
on December 30, 2003 in Hong Kong. Real name Mei Yan Fang. With a career that began
in her early childhood, Anita Mui is the queen of Hong Kong's pop-music industry. After she
won a singing contest in 1983, her life as a pop-singer began. In the early stage of her car-
eer her image was a little bit tomboy and sexy (which was the reason she was called the
"Madonna of Hong Kong"), and some of her songs were considered too risqu�, with one of
them, "Bad Girl", actually being banned for airplay due to its suggestive content. She began
acting around the same time. Did her own dubbing for the Mandarin version of her movies
earlier in her career. Spoke fluent Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. Sang the Mandarin
version of her songs for the Mandarin version of her movies. Usually, most of the songs in the
Mandarin version of HK movies were the original Cantonese ones. Had an affair with Jackie
Chan until Chan broke it off in 1992. Was set to play the rebel leader Nia in Shi Mian Mai Fu at
the time of her death. Out of respect, the role was not recast and the character only app-
eared in one scene, played by an actress with a similar body type to Anita's, whose face was
covered. The film was also dedicated to her. I actually own two of her albums, besides many
of her films. You could say I was big fan.

Birthday's today:
Julia Sweeney, Midge Ure (Ultravox), David Lee Roth (Van Halen),
Tanya Tucker, Jessica Harper, DJ Scribble, Mario Lopez, Jessica Shahriari, Brett Farve,
Peter Coyote, Chris Lowe (Pet Shop Boys), Martin Kemp (Pet Shop Boys), John Prine,
Greg Lake (Emerson, Lake, Palmer), Alan Cartwright (Procul Harum), Charles Dane,
Ben Vareen, Greg Douglas (Steve Miller Band), Eric Martin (Mr. Big), Riki-Lee Coulter,
Chris Penn (R.I.P.), Kirsty MacColl (Pogues R.I.P.), Daniel Pearl (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: "MIDDLE NAMES" (Scroll down)

Kat United Kingdom

KAT SAYS: My middle name is Emma.

It was my grandmother's middle name I think - not sure!

Tamara Napless Florida

TAMARA SAYS: Mine is "Lee" too. I was born in Ft Myers...and my
name is Tami Lee.

Tamiami Trail Lee co. Lee Memorial. Ingenious I'd say...hmmm!

A good topic would be what kind of career change would you want if
you could do it right now?

JONATHAN: Tamara, I think I did that last year. Maybe good for
another round soon. I will think about it. Thanks for the suggestion.

Greer Auckland New Zealand

GREER SAYS: Don't have one cos my mom thinks they are lame!!!

JONATHAN: Sorry. :-(

Karla...guitar straps that rock! St. Louis Missouri

Maria. My mom was was obsessed with West Side Story.

October 9
P.J. Harvey
One of the most endearing woman vocalists of all-time. I have Seen her perform
in Edinbugh, Scottland, San Francisco, Phoenix, New York, and New Orleans. Wow
what a performer.
Polly Jean Harvey was born in England in 1969. The daughter of
a quarryman father and an artist mother, Polly Jean, or PJ was raised on a sheep
farm in Yeovil, Somerset. She learned to play a number of instruments as a child
(including guitar, saxophone, and violin) and as a teenager played in several bands.
In December 2001 PJ was named the Number 1 female rock star in history by Q mag-
azine. Her trademark is black hair, red lips & couture outfits.
In addition to music Polly
Jean also enjoys writing poetry, sculpting, and acting. She said that if she ever stops
making music she would like to try her hand at acting as a profession. Ranked #55 on
VH1's 100 Greatest Women of Rock N Roll.
She holds a degree in sculpture and had her
work exhibited in several galleries in the UK. Favourite song is 'Tainted Love' by Soft Cell.

Birthday's today: Al Jourgensen (Ministry), Sean Lennon, Nona Hendrix, Ina kamoze,
Robert Wuhl, Kenny Anderson, Tony Salhoub, Jackson Browne, Liz and Jean Sagal,
Tawny Roberts, Scott Bakula, Annika Sorenstam, Darius Miles, Mike Singletary,
John Lennon (R.I.P.), Peter Tosh (R.I.P.) John Entwistle (The Who R.I.P.)


"Middle Names"

*This comes from reader Ramona from Hope, British Columbia, Canada

*Middle names... Gotta enjoy 'm. Hey that would be
a cool topic for your question of the week�
What is your middle name and why was it given to you?

Ok. Mine is Leigh�that�s what the �L� in
Jonathan L stands for. My mom had this
facination with actress Janet Leigh star of
the movie Psycho and ex-wife of Tony Curtis.

Lauralinn Cottage Grove Oregon

LAURALYNN SAYS: I don't have one, Sweetie. My parents
thought my first name was long enough!

Thank God! LOL

Keren Stroud, Cloucestershire United Kingdom

KEREN SAYS: My middle name is Julie. I was named after
my dad's youngest sister.

They wanted her as my godmother, but because she hadn't
been Christened, wasn't allowed.

Boring story.

Better story for my first name...lol

JONATHAN: Okay Keren, let's here it. I will plug it later this week.

Roxie Los Angeles California

ROXIE SAYS: Phillips. It was my grandmother's maiden name.

Karey Long Beach California

KAREY SAYS: Mine is Diane, cuz my mom's name is Diane,
so I am Karey Diane. ;)

October 6
Elisabeth Shue
This familiar face was born in 1963 in Wilmington, Delaware. One of her pinnacle
roles was opposite Nicolas Cage in "Leaving Las Vegas" in 1995.
Was an accom-
plished high school gymnast with aspirations to the state finals. Got started in
commercials as "The Burger King Girl". She has played 2 characters that have
the last name McKay. Linda McKay in Hollow Man (2000) and Molly McKay in Molly
(1999). Married to Davis Guggenheim, and they have 3 children.
Graduated from
Harvard University 8 June 2000, with a degree in Government. Shue was one sem-
ester short of earning her degree, when she dropped out to pursue her career 15
years ago.
Her acting consists of Adventures in Babysitting (1987), Cocktail (1988),
Soapdish (1991) and The Marrying Man (1991). Unfortunately, time was catching up
with the impressive girl-next-door. Her brother Andrew Shue had almost eclipsed
her own fame by landing a starring role in the hit TV series, "Melrose Place" (1992).
It was at this time that Elisabeth took a chance on a low-budget, high-risk project
entitled, Leaving Las Vegas (1995) by Mike Figgis. Her gutsy portrayal of a prostitute
mixed up with a suicidal alcoholic paid off as she was recognized with a Best Actress
nomination at the Academy Awards that year. This was the turning point of her ca-
reer. What followed was a barrage of film roles including The Saint (1997), Woody
Allen's Deconstructing Harry (1997), Palmetto (1998) and Hollow Man (2000). Was
cast as the female lead in the Jim Carrey movie The Number 23 (2007), but had to
drop out just weeks before shooting due to her pregnancy with the birth of daughter
Agnes. Shue was replaced by Virginia Madsen. She does continue to work though.

Birthday's today:
Jenny Wade, Liz Anderson, Richard Jobson (Skids), Matthew Sweet,
Kevin Cronin (REO Speedwagon), Britt Ekland, "Oil Can" Boyd, Stephanie Zimbalist,
Miyuki Matsuda, Ellen Travolta, Fred Travalena, Bobby Farrell, Tony Dungy, Benji Gil,
Mark Cheng, Kamila Baar, Anna Quayle, Rebecca Lobo, Jerry Grote, Tim Burgess

Q of THE WEEK: "MIDDLE NAMES" (see yesterday)
*Note: Same Q continues on Monday October 9

Alex Falkirk Scotland

ALEX SAYS: I have a really typical Scottish full name being
Alexandra McIntyre Young.

The McIntyre comes from my Father's side who is part of the
McIntyre Clan in Scotland.

I love my country, and I also love the fact that I have such a
Scottish name as well.

Luv, Alex. xxx

Cory James Air Personailty KUPD Phoenix Arizona

CORY SAYS: Okay...my middle name is Harlow. I think it's
based somehow on Jean Harlow, who was a hottie.

It was supposed to be my first name, but it didn't happen.

Too exotic said the other half of the naming process...so
there ya go!

Mariska United Kingdom

MARISKA SAYS: Hi Jonathan, hope your well.

Ok so this weeks Q of the week is about Middle names.

I have family who nearly all have a middle name, but I don't. Ok ok,
put the violins away. But if I had been given a middle name I often
wonder what it would have been.

Have a great weekend JL...x

I wonder too. Hmm. You have a great weekend also
Mariska, as well as all of you. :-)

Anna XX Manchester England

ANNA SAYS: My middle name is Camilla. And orginally it was
my youngest sisters name, who died when she was very young
at the age of 3 and a half years old.

Although she's remembered for the person she was, it also is my
memory of a sister I never knew.

So I asked my parents many years ago if I could use her name as
my middle name, and it's quite an unusual name, (ok, we know of
Prince Charles is with a woman called Camilla).

But for me, Camilla is a child, who was innocent, and did no harm
to anyone, so when some one asks my middle name; and say that's
unusual, I think of my sister, your remembered always for you Camilla.

October 5
Kate Winslet
Although Kate has been in many films, i suppose "Titanic" will always be the most
memorable. She was born in Reading, Berkshire (hey, I've been there-lol), England
in 1975.
Born into a family of thespians - parents Roger and Sally were both stage
actors, maternal grandparents Oliver and Linda Bridges ran the Reading Repertory
Theatre, and uncle Robert Bridges was a fixture in London's West End theatre district
- Kate came into her talent at an early age. She scored her first professional gig at 11,
dancing opposite the Honey Monster in a commercial for a kids' cereal. She started act-
ing lessons around the same time, which led to formal training at a performing arts high
school. Over the next few years she appeared on stage regularly and landed a few bit
parts in sitcoms. Her first big break came at age 17, when she was cast as an obsessive
adolescent in Heavenly Creatures (1994). Won a Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album
for Children (2000). The youngest actress ever to be nominated for two Academy Awards
(for Sense and Sensibility (1995) and Titanic (1997). Her first acting job was dancing with
the Honey Monster in a commercial for Sugar Puffs cereal. Chosen by People (USA) mag-
azine as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world in 1996. Has sung in 5 of her films.

She sold her North London home in Belsize Park to Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin.
Bought a home in New York City. Her main home, however, is in Cotswolds, England.

Birthday's today:
Bernie Mac, Nicky Hilton, Guy Pearce, Brian Johnson (AC/DC),
Sir Bob Geldof (Boomtown Rats), Russell Mael (Sparks), Troy Luccketta (Tesla),
Leo Barnes (Hothouse Flowers), Inna Churikova, Shell Kepler, Scott E. Weinger,
Sandra "Puma" Jones (Black Uhuru), Rex Chapman, Mario Lemieux, Grant Hill,
Lee "Kix" Thompson (Madness), Jeff Conaway, Karen Allen, Clive Barker,
Steve Miller (Steve Miller Band), Peter Ackroyd, Brian Connolly (Sweet)

Q of THE WEEK: MIDDLE NAMES (Scroll down to Oct. 2)

Tanya Jacksonville Florida
www.myspace.com/internet barbarella

TANYA SAYS: Hey! My middle name is Nicole.

My Mother used to watch soap operas and that was the name of
one of the characters on "Her Story".

Hmm...do you think I could have inherited some of the drama from
my namesake? It sure would explain a LOT!

x's ~Tanya

Sash (aka Kiss kiss bang bang) Portsmouth, Hampshire U.K.

SASH SAYS: I don't have a middle name. :(

I feel a bit cheated to be honest. Maybe someone could suggest a
suitable one for me? (That's asking for trouble!)

Sash x

Anyone want to help Sash out?

Christa Phoenix Arizona

CHRISTA SAYS: My middle name is PEARL. In high school my
friends would ask what the P stood for. I would tell them Peabody.

I guess i didnt want anyone to laugh at my middle name. It sounded
too old fashion to me...like Peabody is any better. Ha!

It was the late 80's early 90's...and when u have a Heavy/Thrash Metal
repatation to maintain, you can't say one of your names is Pearl.
LMAO. ;-)

Tamera (aka leet-her royal cuntness) Kansas City Kansas

TAMERA SAYS: Tamera Jean...is not your lover...she's just a girl...LOL!!!

Seriously...not sure why Jean was chosen as my middle name? Almost
seems like a curse!

Started with my grandfather, Irvin Eugene, who met and married my
grandmother, Georgia Jean. They named their son (my father), Larry
Eugene, who met and married my mother Reba Jean. Nice pattern, huh?

1st husband's middle name was Lee. 2nd husband's middle name was
James. Neither of my children have Eugene or Jean as a middle name.

And my boyfriend now doesn't even have a middle name!!!

How about those mates of ours in the UK tho! They have like 6 middle
names!!! Ok, not that many!!! But dayum!!!

Feel free to edit this if ya need to, Jonathan!!! I'm just bein' a Chatty Cathy
tonight!!! LOL!

Thanks for all you do, by the way!!!

YOU ROCK!!! xxx Tamera

JONATHAN: I could have edited it, but I think you are awesome Tamera,
just let it flow the way you wrote it. :-) xx

October 4
Alicia Silverstone
Alicia was born in 1976, in San Francisco, California, the youngest of three children . Alicia's
career began at the tender age of six when her dad took some photos of his young daughter,
which eventually led to her getting several television commercials. After a guest spot on "The
Wonder Years" (1988) as a literal "dream girl" she moved on to movies. She landed a role in
The Crush (1993), a sort of Fatal Attraction (1987) for teenagers in which she portrayed a dis-
turbed young girl obsessed with an older man.
The film caught the attention of Aerosmith, who
hired her to appear in a string of their music videos. The first of them, "Cryin'", was voted the
#1 video of all time on MTV. Silverstone was definitely a hit with the MTV crowd, but larger com-
mercial success still eluded her. That all changed when she landed the role of "Cher" in Amy
Heckerling's Clueless (1995). Parents are English. First commercial was for Domino's Pizza.

Voted one of the "Fun and Fearless Females" by Cosmopolitan Magazine in 2002.
Voted sexiest
female vegetarian, 2004. Signed a $10,000,000 3-movie deal with Sony after Clueless (1995).
Speaks French fluently. Was Bat Mitzvahed at Temple Beth Jacob in Redwood City, California.

Birthday's today:
Heather Tom, "Stuttering" John Melendez, Anne Rice, Russell Simmons,
Heidi Van Horn, Mary Ellen Stuart, Michael Roman, Lori Saunders, Karen Tong, Tony Meo,
Jennifer Anglin, Armand Assante, Susan Sarandon, A.C. Green, Jon Secada, Nina Carter,
Meg Bennett, Gregg Hubbard, Jimmy Workman, Mike Adamle, H. Rap Brown, Sam Huff,
Charlton Heston, Dottie West, Jenny Arean, Kurt Thomas

Q of THE WEEK: See Monday (scroll down)

Jody Renee Midwest (originally from California)

JODY SAYS: I like my middle name so much more than the first.
My middle name is Rene'e.

I was named after my mother's best friend from when she was
14-years old. Mama wanted to make up for my dad giving me a
"boy's name".

After 35 years of friendship "Aunt Nae" and Mama no longer speak,
and Mama doesn't call me Jody Rene'e anymore either.

I wonder if one has anything to do with the other?

Gwen United Kingdom

GWEN SAYS: Aww...I have no middle name poor me. ;-( lol

Gwen, you wuz robbed! ;-)

PimpZtress RaH DJ Fairfax Virginia

RAH SAYS: Um...my middle name? K. Got it from my great
grandma, my grandma, my mom, and now me and my daughter
all have it. :D


Tracey (The80sGirl) United Kingdom

TRACEY SAYS: Hi again Jonathan. :o)

Well my middle name is Irene. I was named this after my
godmother. I quite like it, but I must say I won't be choosing
it for my kids!

My husband's middle name is Malcolm, after his dad. He didn't
used to admit to it until the TV show Malcolm In The Middle
made it cool again! Lol

Anyway, hoping you are well, always happy to answer these!
I'll be tuning into the show tomorrow!

Tracey xxx

Tracey, I always appreciate persons like you that do
answer the Q.

And, although this is running after the weekend, I wonder if you actually
listen to my show on the net?


I posted this late Monday night. Didn't expect any response.

I just returned from the Dodge Theatre in downtown Phoenix.

Performing both "Operation Mind Crime" (Original) and
"Operation Mind Crime II" was BRILLIANT!!

Geof Tate was at his best. Show began at 8PM--a 20-minute intermission,
and then the show ended at a little after 11PM. There was a two song encore
of older material.

If the band is coming to your city or country...do NOT miss this very special
show. It is a show with the characters and plenty of acting and visuals.

Consider this a high recommendation. Rock on! -Jonathan

Mary La Habra California

MARY SAYS: Right on! Thank You Jonathan, they are my
favorite band =)

Aurielle (aka Leelu Multi Pass) Kilmarnock, Ayrshire U.K.

AURIELLE SAYS: Would be great to see them again. A fantastic
band. I love them. :)

Mamie Michigan

MAMIE SAYS: Oh Man, I would've loved to see that!
I'll bet they rocked out!


And this in from reader Jim Louvau taken in Tucson, Arizona
recently, with permission.


October 3
Neve Campbell
The star of thriller "Wild Things"(1998), was born in Guelph, Ontario, Canada in 1973.
Born and raised in Canada by a Scottish father and Dutch mother, Neve Campbell first
came to our TV screens in the hit Drama series "Party of Five" (1994). Described as
TV's most believable teenager, her first major film role came in the form of innocent
victim Sidney Prescott in Scream (1996), the film which re-defined the slasher genre.
Is she beautiful? Check this out; n People (USA) magazine's '50 Most Beautiful' list 2000,
Voted No.3 in EMPIRE (UK) magazine's 100 sexiest movie stars of 1998. One of People
Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People 1998. FHM's 50 Sexiest Women (1995-2004) (Ran-
ked: 35). Ranked as #66 in FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005" special sup-
plement (2005). Has British citizenship. Along with David Arquette, Courteney Cox, Liev
Schreiber and Jamie Kennedy, she is one of only five actors to appear in all three "Scream"
films. The Campbell family was named the "spokesfamily" of the Tourette Syndrome Fou-
ndation of Canada. Younger brother Damian, was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome (TS)
in 1989. In Portuguese, her name Neve means "snow".
In an interview, she said that her
main beauty tip is, to keep your face looking thin, dip your face into ice-cold water, comp-
lete with ice cubes, three times for six seconds each. But she warned that she does occ-
asionally have headaches afterwards.

Birthday's today:
India.Arie, Amy Earhart, Ashlee Simpson, Gwen Stefani (No Doubt),
Tommy Lee (Motley Crue/Supernova), Jack Wagner, Keb' Mo', Maxx Payne, Gore Vidal,
Lindsey Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac), Pamela Hensley, Dave Winfield, Hart Bochner,
Frank Hannon (Tesla), Roy Horn (Sigfried and Roy), Chubby Checker, Dennis Eckersley,
Angela Molina, Al Sharpton, Madlyn Rhue, Fred Couples, Ronnie Laws, Greg Foster,
Eddie Cochran (R.I.P.), Stevie Ray Vaughn (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: MIDDLE NAMES (see yesterday-scroll down)

Jane Leicester United Kingdom

JANE SAYS: Well, to make things a little differnt my middle name
is infact Jane and my first name is Elizabeth.

I have had many a conversation with my mother as to why she would
want to change it. It turns out that she got fed up my father keep giving
me nicknames like - Lizzy, Skinny Liz etc etc - so she then decided to
call me Jane as this could not be shortened!

Confused? Well, I was as a child. lolol.

Jane aka Elizabeth. lol xxx

*jOdi sTaR* Seattle Washington

JODI SAYS: My middle name is Jean (Jodi Jean). It is also my mother's
middle name Frankie Jean which she got from being named after her
father Frank Eugene.

So, yeah thats my middle name origin. ;)

I never really have told that little story. I never noticed how cute it is. ;)

Traci Northern Ireland

TRACI SAYS: Ha ha, well trust me to be diff but Tracy is my middle

My first name is Jacqueline but my dad picked Tracy + I've always
been called it. xxxx

Tori South London England

TORI SAYS: Heya, my middle names are Janet after my mum,
and Nicola. Dunno what they mean tho!

October 2
Kelly Ripa
The sometimes too perky sidekick of Regis Philbin was born in Stratford,
New Jersey in 1970. Got her big break when starring on TV soap "All My
Children" from 1990 to 2002. Married her "All My Children" (1970) co-star,
Mark Consuelos, on May 1, 1996. They have three children: sons: Michael
Joseph, June 2, 1997; Joaquin Antonio, February 24, 2003, 8lbs 5oz., and
daughter, Lola Grace, June 16, 2001, 8lbs 3oz. Third child, Joaquin Antonio,
born February 24, 2003, 8 lbs. 5 oz. During the 80s, when Kelly appeared on
"Dance Party USA" (1986), her career goal was to be a newscaster, and she
often did "Dance Party USA" (1986) cast news reports. Awarded #19 in E!
Rank's Top 25 Blondes. Named one of People Magazine's "25 Most Intriguing
People of 2001". Ranked as #85 in FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in the World
2005" special supplement.
Her father is full Italian American and her mother
is Italian and Irish American.
Her father, Joe, is a Camden County Freeholder
(New Jersey version of a County Commissioner.) He was first elected in 2002.
About being a mom; "There's no such thing as an uber-mom. I think children
are like pancakes. You sort of ruin the first one, and you get better at it the
second time around."

Birthday's today:
James Root (Slipknot), Renee "Tiffany" Darwich, Lani O' Grady,
Lorraine Bracco, Richard Hell (Voidoids/Television), Donna Karan, Don McLean,
Phil Okey (Human League), Gordon "Sting" Sumner (Police), Trevor Brooking,
Neil Tennant (Pet Shop Boys), Michael Rutherford (Genesis), Francesca Dellera,
John Otway, Eddie Guardado, Beau Grayson, Jo-el Sonnier, Avaery Brooks, Anna Ford,
Roger Jett, Mark Rypien, Esai Morales, Jill Powell, Annie Liebovitz, Freddie Jackson

Q of THE WEEK: "Middle Names"
This comes from reader Ramona

*Middle names... Gotta enjoy 'm. Hey that would be
a cool topic for your question of the week�
What is
your middle name and why was it given to you?

Ok. Mine is Leigh�that�s what the �L� in
Jonathan L stands for. My mom had this
facination with actress Janet Leigh star of
the movie Psycho and ex-wife of Tony Curtis.

Ramona Hope British Columbia Canada

RAMONA SAYS: Like Jonathan, my middle name is also Leigh.

My Mother named me after Vivian Leigh who was the actress that
played the leading roll in that famous American movie called 'Gone
With The Wind'.

Unlike most people, I rather like my middle name.

JONATHAN: Thanks again Ramona for inspiring the Q, and always being
a regular participant/contributor.

Amandarina Vancouver British Columbia Canada

AMANDARINA SAYS: You wanna know what my middle name is?

Well, mine is Irene. It was my grandmother's middle name...
Katherine Irene Mizell.

She was a fiery, red-haired, Louisiana belle who died of cancer when
my father was only sixteen. She complained that golf courses were
wasted pieces of land better suited to zoos and parks. She also despised
religious separatism and she was one of the few southern women in the
40's, 50's and 60's bold enough to vocalize her contempt of racism and
befriend many people in the black communities of Baton Rouge, LA.

I'd like to think I got my spark from her.

Miss B Germany

MISS B SAYS: My middle name is Katrin, cause my mom's
best friend's name was "Katrin" !! :)

Angie Bristol United Kingdom

ANGIE SAYS: Mine is Zena.

Angie begins with a..Zena...z...I know, parents. lol

Angie x